Who is Mandizzle?

Hi!! I’m Mandi a California native living in rural Iowa. I grew up on a ranch in Northern California up in the mountains before attending UC Davis to get my Bachelors in Animal Science with an emphasis on Livestock and Equine.  I am a really not athletic person and everything physical is a struggle for me until I practice it a lot (i.e. horseback riding and skiing) so I’m not a fast runner and I have a PB of 10 miles on the treadmill non-stop.  But I am hoping that one day it will click and I will be pretty OK at it.


I’m also trying to figure out a way to combine my two passions of Agriculture and Running, which is proving difficult at the moment since I moved off the ranch and into town for the past couple years.  So until I can find a farm/ranch of my own I will have to go off of past experience and try not to become too ingrained in suburbia. Fortunately I do work in the beef industry still, so I spend all day out on farms and working with producers and cattle as a beef cattle Nutritionist so I have a strong connection to the industry still.

I live with my husband Adam and our Redbone Coonhound Hemi, who is our only “child” or furbaby if you will and my running buddy.

So if you have a passion for agriculture, running or any combination of the two sometimes with a redneck sounding point of view, this is the blog for you!!  My life if nothing like those on TV but I try to keep it as interesting as possible for you and since eating food is a big hobby/talent of mine I sometimes tend to default to what good food I have eaten lately when things get slow.

So join me for training, eating, ATVing and coonhound parenting!!  Training (running and dog obedience) tips are welcome!

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