Nursing School Bound!

Once again it has been way too long since I have posted anything.  I was kind of keeping it mum until everything was official and everyone that needed to know already knew.  So here it is:  I’m going to nursing school!!  That’s right I am quitting my job to go back to school starting next month.  It has been a year of craziness since Adam broke his arm.  Between all the appointments and being unhappy in a sales position with a lot of prep work in between it is finally happening.  

Pre-Req’s weren’t too bad to cover since I already have an entire bachelor’s degree in a science field.  I had a couple of different routes I could have gone, but ultimately I chose the method that wasn’t going to end me in crazy student debt and that I will be able to get through quickly.  I also opted not to do the accelerated BSN for those that already have a BS because honestly I am already afraid I am not going to be able to keep up with classes as it is.

I have been having a lot of fun getting prepared to go back to school including stocking up on school supplies while I still have a job and getting a new computer (well that part is pure Luxury so I don’t have to carry around my heavy, slow, prone to freezing computer from the last time I was in school).


I have also been doing a ton of research on how to survive the curriculum and how to be the most organized and efficient.  I have invested in an appointment style planner hoping to block off class times and use it to squeeze in study blocks and force myself to study.  I have also come up with a crazy idea to make my own NCLEX essential information study book. I have a discbound notebook and hole punch and I got a laminator (seriously, dreams do come true) and I am going to laminate pages with essential information that I will need to know backwards and forward for the NCLEX.  I am hoping to summarize most classes into a few pages of the most essential information and throw those in there and just add to it as I go over the two years.  Ideally I would also read through it regularly as time permits so that I don’t panic when it comes time to really study and answer practice questions for the NCLEX.File_001.jpegFile_004.jpeg

I just hope I’m not to old to pull this off and that I can make it through in one piece.  All the research and preparation in the world won’t really be able to get me ready for what I hear nursing school is like so I will just have to work hard. File_003.jpeg

We also traded in our pick up for a more gas friendly car and ended up with a Jeep Cherokee that gets great gas mileage and has remote start!  Hopefully that will make commuting in the winter more bearable.  Once I am done with school I’m not really sure where we are going to go next.  I want to move back west, at least into sight of the mountains again.  Then again I don’t know where we will be at in our lives two years from now and what kind of specialty I will want to go into.  I think Flight Nursing, Operating Room Nursing, or Genetic Nursing would be the most ideal fields for my interest but we will just have to see what clinicals are like when I get there.

In other exciting news I am also getting LASIK next week!! Ahh I really hope I don’t go blind!  But it will be really nice to get out of glasses, which I have been stuck in for the past couple weeks as you can’t wear contacts leading up to LASIK and I won’t have to deal with irritating contacts anymore either.

Next week will be really exciting, I start off getting my surgery, then I will have my last day of work right up until the time where I fly home for my grandparent’s 60th Anniversary.  I am really excited to see everyone, most of the family is going to be there and this will be the first time we have (mostly) all been together since the 50th anniversary!  Also I am looking forward to maybe hiking a little and riding my horse.  However I might be limited by those two activities by my eyes.  We will see how I recover and if I can be around that much dust and jostling.  Anyway that’s all I have for now and I am really excited for what is to come and what the rest of this week holds!


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