September Update

Since I haven’t been blogging much this month either a September update (post half) seems appropriate.   It was a very busy month, we had four weddings and a funeral to attend so most weekends were pretty much full.  Running wise, I have been keeping it casual this month.  Not doing too much and trying to decide what I want to do from here.  The usual struggle.  I probably won’t run another race until spring so I have a long time and a lot I want to work on.  A friend is doing a half in Chicago in January (brr) which I kind of want to do but Adam says Chicago is too crime-y and doesn’t want me to go.  However I might keep that date in the calendar and plan a training plan like I’m going to run a race that day anyway, then switch into hardcore training for a spring race and ideally I would be faster and fitter than ever before, ha!

We will see if that happens, I have planned less far fetched things that haven’t panned out before.  I am kind of liking the new Nike app though, I know everyone says they hate it but that’s just because it’s different.  The new coach is a lot more advanced than it was before, and while I don’t like that it changes right before so I can’t plan more than a week ahead, that’s probably better anyway.  It also gives paces so you have an idea where you need to be.  Since I don’t do moderation well, I have a list of things I want to work on through the 18 week cycle.  Luckily it starts off REALLY slow and small so I can acclimate as I go instead of just jumping in all at once.

  1. Keeping slow/easy days SLOW and EASY.  Like, “why am I even out here?” slow. Then on pace days, work really hard on pushing the pace and hitting the paces that I am supposed to.  Should be easy because I went REALLY SLOW yesterday, right? Right?!
  2. Strength!!  I know I say this ever time, but I really want to be better and do something at least once or twice a week.  I did also challenge myself to a One-up-October challenge where I start at the beginning of the month (I forgot on the 1st so I started on the 2nd) with a 25 second plank, 25 pushups, and 25 squats and increase it by one every day.  So far I have done 3 days!! I was going to do increase it by 5 every day, but I can barely do 25 (girl or lay down) push ups, let alone 100.  So I’m starting small and keeping it doable and then next month if I have kept up, I will either keep it going or make the moves more challenging.
  3. Stretching!  This is something I NEVER do, but I really need to because my legs get really tight and then my calves always feel like I need to stretch them constantly while I’m running and it DRIVES ME CRAZY.
  4. Form drills.  This is a new one but it goes hand in hand with the first two, it’s about making small changes that will have big payoff in the end.  I am trying to not only build stamina here, but to get faster so I need to improve overall.  
  5. Drink more water!! I get super bad side aches and I don’t know what causes them, so I figure between the core work I will be doing and the not being dehydrated thing, I should eliminate them.
  6. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  I know you have heard this before, but I had an ah-ha moment with it recently.  I have been watching Kelly Robert’s of Run Selfie Repeat on her blog journey to qualify for boston and she said something about thinking you are tired and need to walk but really you aren’t tired, you are just uncomfortable.  I never thought of it that way and I realized that I do that all the time!  I need to be way better at forcing myself forward through the discomfort and just do what I need to do and be done.

I realize none of that was a recap, so here is what I have been up to.

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding.  I realized that I really don’t photograph well.  I felt like I was a lot smaller than I have been and that I was going to look so good in these pictures, and then they came back and I looked twice as big as I did in person and exactly the same as 90% of the other pictures I have ever taken in my life.  WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LOOK THE SAME?  The camera does not ever reflect when I lose weight.  I even tried before and after pictures for the year, since I have been counting calories and being mindful and what not and the before and after pictures look the same even though I can fit into smaller clothes now.  What the hell gives?  It’s not fair.  Whatever, I just won’t even try to take pictures of myself from not on I guess.


Then I went out shooting with Adam, and got to shoot my rifle that I haven’t shot in over a year.  I did really good!! I wasn’t so much focusing on trying to hit the center of the target as I was trying to pull the trigger when I exhale and not anticipate the shot and pull up like I tend to do, so considering that and all 8 of my shots hit the target at 100 yards, I’m really proud of myself!



I got my first PSL of the season, HUGE milestone.  Fall is here.


Coonhound was adorable as usual.  He keeps getting cuter and cuter.  I swear he is the benjamin button of puppies and will remain adorable forever while Adam and I slowly age and wrinkle.  Again, life is not fair.



Also I am starting to make a change in my life, so I am taking a couple classes online and at night so that will be keeping me busy as well.  Hopefully I can share more about that in a few months (less than a year, I promise).  

2 thoughts on “September Update

  1. I don’t think I’ve gone shooting in a decade…oh that just made me feel old. 😦 Online classes sound interesting. I’ve been thinking about going back to school but can’t put my finger on what is holding me back. Well, other than my laziness. 😛 Good luck!


    • I’ve been saying a lot of stuff that makes me feel old lately!! Especially with the online classes when they ask me when I graduated from high school and college! I wish they were cheaper or I probably would have never stopped taking them!


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