Last week of Training!

While that’s not 100% accurate, this is actually the second to last week before the marathon not the last, I figure I will probably spend all of the next post talking about the race itself.  So time for last-ish week of training and taper craziness!!

I got back to training this week.  I didn’t run long or particularly much last week after my speed workout because my hamstring would get sore after a few minutes of running.  Apparently despite being super inspired by the olympics it is still not a great idea to do all out sprint intervals in the middle of a run for the sake of seeing how fast you can go.  So I kept it simple so I didn’t actually injure myself for race day.  

Monday: I was feeling better early this week and I wanted to try my new shoes so I got back into it with 3 miles in my new Brooks!!  Aside from the normal calf soreness that comes with wearing new shoes I love them!! They are so cushioned and comfy and purple and blue so it’s like a match made in heaven.

Tuesday: 5 mile speed run.  Since I loved my 800’s last week I decided to really go for it this week and did a little Road to Burrito flashback and did the sprint day from day 2.  So 1 mile warm up, then 7 (or was it 8?) sets of 10 sec sprint, 20 sec recovery, 20 sec sprint, 40 sec recovery, 30 sec sprint, 60 sec recovery and then 60 seconds of easy recovery before starting over again. Then I finished it out with a ¾ mile cool down.

Wednesday: Rest and feeding my new found Pretty Little Liars addiction.  I remember getting started watching it as it started airing and getting frustrated by the pace, but it’s great for bingeing.

Thursday: 3 miles again.  I don’t 100% remember the Nike training program which I lost when they updated their app so I have to go off of memory here and I think this week is taper week so I’m keeping it really easy the next two weeks so I can try and go a little faster than normal long run pace (but faster than short and speed runs) as my pace for the actual race.  More on that later though.

Friday: Another rest day, but I worked on a solid plan for my last long run tomorrow.

Saturday: 8 steady miles. Ok so my plan wasn’t exactly revolutionary.  I just wanted to start as slow as possible and try for negative splits and consistent times all around. I’m indifferent on how it turned out.  I started out slow enough (it felt excruciatingly slow) and just focused on plodding along and trying to hold the dog back the first 4 miles.  Then I wanted to pick up the pace the last 4 miles.  On average I did a tiny bit, but not like it was supposed to.  This is why I never start out so slow because I am always afraid I am going to run out of steam and not be able to hit negative splits and then just end up super slow anyway. I don’t know if I need to go even slower at first or just work on my endurance or what. I did walk A LOT less, but only cut 2 minutes off of my last 8 mile run.  I may need to focus on this over the winter.

Sunday: Rest, duh.  

Other weekly highlights include washing my running partner.  He was not happy during, as usual, but after we let him run around outside to dry off a bit more in the large grassy area next to the was out and he was SOOOO happy!! Snapchat failed me and didn’t save the video I took, but he was running in giant circles at full speed just going as far around as we would let him before calling him back and then he would turn around and absolutely gallop the other direction with lips flapping and ears streaming out like he was about to take off for a quick flight to Europe.  So happy.


I also made my crack scones!!  I don’t know if I have ever explained my obsession with Chocolate Chip scones, but back in April the coffee shop were I would get coffee and a scone before every long run (and a lot of days before work) shut down and I have not been able to find a CC Scone nearly that good since.  It has been a real struggle and I am so sad that the only coffee shop in town closed.  Anyway, I found a recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction (if you have never been I recommend it, all the recipes are amazing) and I have now made it twice.  It is basically just a Chocolate Chip Scone with some Cinnamon in it and it always tastes so much better than anything I expect to make!! It’s not quite as good as what I would buy, not to mention scones aren’t exactly quick and easy to make.  But they are a good substitute until hopefully someone else opens up in town and gets scones from the exact same place.  DISCLOSURE:  I am not a photographer and they look much better in person and on her website!!


Also in exciting news, I got swag in the mail!!  Remember a few weeks ago I was doing these crazy Road to Burrito workouts?  Well I didn’t win the full swag with shoes and everything, but I did get honorable mention so I got a bag with some goodies including a Picky Bar which I have been wanting to try if only they sold them out here and bonus it is Cookie Dough flavored which is like the best flavor ever!!  So that is really cool and a huge thank you to Alysia Montano for arranging that and making it all possible!


2 thoughts on “Last week of Training!

  1. Cool swag bag! How is the cinnamon waffle? I just ordered a bunch of stuff from The Feed and can’t remember if I put that one in the cart. That scone looks amazing. If it makes you feel better, during my last long run I hit the 10 mile mark 10 minutes slower than the previous week. Ouch. 2 minutes faster is awesome!


    • I haven’t eaten anything yet!! I don’t want to waste it just sitting around boredom snacking and I’m tapering so I haven’t had a good reason to eat them yet!! I will let you know when I do though. It is really good, I looked back and it is the fastest I have run 8 miles on that trail before so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself!


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