August Update

So much has happened since I wrote last!!! I am the worst blogger ever!  I’m sorry I just got so caught up with summer and everything going on.  I am still working on training for Sioux Falls and Adam is healing from his broken arm still.  Also since the last time:  I went to Nashville, I went to Chris Stapleton, THE OLYMPICS (which I became obsessed with), my parents came to Iowa for a few days and I got a haircut!!

So I won’t bog you down with like four weeks of training logs, but I did take a little time off in the middle.  I had a good 8 mile speed workout right before I left for Nashville, and then I didn’t run in Nashville (uh, vacation?) and then I had a sucky cold when I got back.  So I did have two weeks of not running and just eating and it was fabulous.

So first event.  Chris Stapleton!!  We heard he was going to be coming to town a few days before and since he is awesome we decided that we wanted to go.  Adam was going to be in a cast still and we had be dealing with all of that so this seemed like a fun little break from reality. All I have to say is that if you are considering going to see him but not sure, just do it.  He is amazing and sounds just as amazing live as he does on the radio.  His wife goes up with him and plays an instrument that I don’t know what it is and lends vocals.  They even stopped not once but twice to have people move aside for paramedics to come into the crowd and take people away.  It was such a fun date night.


Second event is Nashville!!  So I have a friend that is getting married in September and she wanted to do a girls weekend to Nashville so we just hopped in her Buick Park Avenue or whatever and drove all day to head down to Nashville.  We didn’t really plan much other than a hotel near uptown because, well the two I went with are not really planners and plan followers.  So we went and we went to bars for three days!!  We did other things too, but we quickly discovered that uptown, not far from where we were staying is where the locals go and the bars there were a lot cooler and the drinks were a lot cheaper.  So while we did go to the touristy bars again, we mostly went to the local bars.  We also have a friend who moved there the week before we went so she met up with us a couple times and took us to the best pizza place open at 2 am.  It was good because we had the worst pizza in Nashville delivered to our hotel the night before.  We also encountered the worst street hotdog and the best street hotdog on this trip.  It had a lot of comparable experiences.  We also visited Belle Meade plantation (house goals), the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Some more memorable points were that the Belle Meade plantation boasted their dairy breeding the “finest thoroughbred jerseys” in the country, which as Aggies gave us all a big laugh.  Not only is there no such thing as a fine Jersey, but thoroughbreds are horses and in no way connected to Jerseys.


Also this was not Lauren and mine’s (I’s?) first trip to the Grand Ole Opry.  We came here four years ago for NCBA where tickets were part of convention registration.  So on this trip we were wondering what we should do and we just looked into it and tickets were still available and reasonably priced so we decided to go to the show.  Well Lauren and I show up and start having major Deja Vu, and I looked up old photos from Facebook and it turns out we were sitting if not in the exact same seats (that come assigned already, we didn’t choose) then very close to the seats that we sat in four years ago!! How cool is that!  Then I kept seeing little things that tied this trip into that trip, so I thought that was really cool.



The Ryman and CMHF were just other tours we went on that were super cool, really interesting and historic and gave me goosebumps.  I recommend them as well for touristy stuff to do.  So cool seeing where all these historic things happened and imagining the greats walking in the same places.



Other cool notables from Nashville are basically all food.  I was too indisposed to get pictures of the good pizza and hotdogs (or the bad, but those didn’t even look good) but I did really enjoy the waffles we got for breakfast right across the street from the hotel, the milkshake from burger republic and the BBQ we had in St. Louis on the way through.  Full disclosure the girls I went with are Wasps so this is mostly what we ate other than the cheese, crackers and wine that we got at Kroger and just ate in the hotel room, so I will have to make a trip back with Adam some time and we can have a structured trip where we have meals and do a lot of day activities.




Also Note: St. Louis and Nashville are HOT HOT HOT in the summer.  We almost died a few times, but thank god it rained every night in Nashville so that helped cool things off a little.

After Nashville I came home and had a gross cold so I didn’t do much.  My parents drove out from California so I once again didn’t exercise and just ate a lot of food for more days straight.  I made some Dutch Babies, which are always exciting to me, since my cousin sent out 3 dozen eggs for me.  They turned out great and I always forget how much I love them!!

It was pretty nice out while my parents were here so we spent a little time outside, but also watched the Olympic whenever something interesting was on. I may have become slightly obsessed with the games, especially when they aired the Track events and I want to make more of an effort to find running events on TV whenever they are televised.   Also I may or may not have become addicted to Twitter during this time and wish I was besties with all of the athletes and am accepting suggestions for a job where I can just hang out with them all day and help them do stuff but not have to be able to run a 4 minute mile.


Then I decided to finally pull the trigger on cutting my hair.  I have been wanting to for a while and have been putting it off for months so that I had options for my friend’s wedding in September since I am a bridesmaid and it finally got to the point where it was driving me crazy.  I figured a long bob would be great and I could still put it up and have some options and it wouldn’t take 3 days to dry and strangle Adam and I in our sleep at night.  So I went in and said if I had enough to donate while still keeping enough length to get my desired results to go for it!!  Well, I should have been a little worried when I had the new girl.  I have A LOT of LONG and FINE hair and it’s always a challenge for even seasoned professionals.

After cutting off two 10 inch ponytails it was still ok and she went around and around and around probably like 5 times and just kept cutting and cutting because she was having difficulty getting it even.  So the lady that owns the place came over and told her how to make sure it was straight all the way through and how to go in layers since I had so much hair.  So new girl cuts a bit more off and then owner lady asks her how it’s going, to which she replies that she is still frustrated that it was still uneven (and honestly looked really weird).  So owner lady told her to just put down her scissors and go do something else and she would fix it when she got done with her client.  That’s when I really began to worry.  So she had to take a bit more off, and don’t get me wrong it is really cute still and I do like short hair.  I just don’t have the patience and skill to make it look cute all the time.  So I got a free haircut which I can not put up in a ponytail so I have to use my headbands that don’t stay in place for very long or get really good at braiding and pinning.

Then I went and drown my sorrows over my super short hair with a shopping trip where I got new running shoes!! I got Brooks this time and I am really excited about them.  I have done a couple easy runs and a speed run in them so far and they feel great still.


We also had to get Hemi a birthday present because we had decided to make his adoption-iversary into his birthday so to the best of our knowledge he is now 3!!!

Anyway, so that is what has been going on and I promise I will keep up better.  I have one and a half more weeks of training before the SF half and then some weddings so I will have some really fun posts coming up here in the near future!!

2 thoughts on “August Update

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a great few weeks! Those waffles look amazing, I feel the urge to go out to breakfast now. Your hair is cute! When mine was short, I just used a headband and a little claw clip. The bottom was loose but it was surprisingly comfortable!


    • I’ll be honest, I want to move to Nashville to eat those waffles every morning lol Thanks!! So far I have been able to handle it pretty good. I don’t miss the huge heavy bun pulling and flopping and falling out all the time!


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