Weeks 3 and 4 of SF training and life update

You must forgive me, I missed a week.  In my defense it was a crazy week and I was very distracted.  But I got some good stuff done in there somewhere.  Ok so Friday afternoon on July 8th I was contentedly finishing up work and thinking about getting my 5 miles done in the slight heat and my phone rings.  It’s a guy that works with my husband and he is taking him to the ER because he broke his arm!! Yay!  So after asking if this guy was serious (he was) I rushed to the ER to helplessly watch my husband get his arm poked and prodded for like 2 hours.  Naturally at this point it was past 5 so the specialist that would need to do surgery on him was gone for the weekend.  Great.  So we went home with a crummy splint and some pain meds to wait it out until we could just go in at 8 Monday morning and hope he could fit us in.   Talk about a fun weekend!!  I did manage to get out Saturday morning and was hoping to get my scheduled 10 in, but my heart just wasn’t in it and I cut it short at 5.  I am glad I did because I got home and he told me his fingers were going numb so we needed to head back to the ER to make sure blood flow wasn’t FUBAR’d.

Luckily it was ok, they re-wrapped it and we managed to get in for surgery Monday morning almost first thing to get a plate and four screws put in.  I took a few days off, managed to run for a couple of them but mostly I was playing nurse.  It was pretty rough at first.


Week 3:

Monday: 5 miles outside.  In the morning.

Tuesday: 6 miles, they were more recovery miles than speed because I ran long on Sunday.

Wednesday: 2 miles, I think I just got a quick two in with hemi.

Thursday: 1.37 on and then 1.54 on the treadmill.  I did a pretty intense workout this day that was awesome.  15 min of HIIT running, 1 circut (aka 15 min) of BBG Arms and Abs and 15 more min of HIIT running.  I felt great after this one and I got the rest of the 5 from yesterday done.

Friday: This was D day so no miles were run.

Saturday: 5 quick morning miles before another trip to the ER.

Sunday: Rest =)



So something awesome happened this week.  In addition to me having to take time off to care for my injured husband, elite runner Alysia Montano posted a series of workouts for #roadtoburrito now that she isn’t on the #roadtorio anymore.  Basically this is a 5 week contest where she posts workouts all week and then rewards with recovery/cheat recipes all leading up to her giving out a swag bag and a dope burrito recipe. So obvs I’m in.  Swag and burritos?  Sign me up!

Week 4:

Monday: Surgery day so I skipped this one again.

Tuesday: 5 miles outside with Hemi.  Then I found out about the workouts so I started plotting for tomorrow!!

Wednesday:  Holy cow this workout almost killed me.  I did days 1 and 2 of #roadtoburrito and it was harsh.  Never sweat so much in my life!!  1 mile warm up. 30 sec high knees. 30 sec jump rope. Then 4 circuts of the following: 15 box jumps, 15 incline push ups, 15 bent leg lifts, back to treadmill for (10 sec high, 20 sec low, 20 sec high, 40 sec low, 30 sec high, 60 sec low then 60 sec of recovery before repeating 2 more times).  Then I jogged the last half a mile or so to get to 6 miles and promptly died.

Thursday: No running, did #roadtoburrito day 3. 20 each of weighted jumps, lunge jumps, weighted skiers, inchworms, superwoman’s and V-ups.  Holy sore legs.

Friday: Friday was brutal.  Granted it was hot and I was really sore still from yesterday but I needed to do a 5-4-3-2-1 ladder.  I went out and did a mile and a half and hated my life, hated running, hated Iowa and hated the sun.  I ended up finishing with a “powerwalk ladder” and went home to try to drown myself in the shower.  Super bummed but Adam did his best to cheer me up and remind me that not every day is going to be great.  How great is he?

Saturday: Rest because I could still barely move.  Thanks Alysia! lol

Sunday: 12 mile long run.  On the treadmill. It was long.  It was painful.  It was boring. But I got it done, I had doubts but I got it done.  So glad this week is over and love that I can feel myself getting stronger already.  I might do more workouts and HIIT runs with a good long run and call it good for training.

Also all the trips to the doctor in Sioux Falls gives me a preview of what I will be eating after the race and that keeps me motivated.  Five guys is a tradition of ours after my first race in Washington DC.  We stayed at a hotel that had one across the street so we ate there two or three times including for food after the race when Adam went to get it while I showered and ended up coming back and riding an elevator up with chocolate, five guys and 6 sweaty women who also ran.  One of which he swears was smelling the bag!  I love him so much for braving that for me and for all else he does to support me.  I have truly loved being his nurse these past two-ish weeks and am sad to go back to work and give up all of our together time.


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