Olympic Trials Thursday!!

Who else is loving the Olympic track trials?  I have been streaming them whenever they are on and I am obsessed!! I love watching races where Americans are the focus and win so these races are great because I know that’s going to happen.  I really think we have some good chances for gold in Rio!


There is also a lot of heartbreak and finality for those that don’t make it or didn’t decide to compete, but that comes with the territory.  A couple of my favorites are Emma Coburn, Sarah Brown and Kara Goucher.  I also follow a lot of other runners but those are who I was following most going into the trials and who I had decided to cheer for.  I love following those that give a small glimpse into their lives so I can kind of imagine what it is like to be an elite and form a weird reality show in my mind.  Hope that doesn’t make me creepy, but it’s a lot more interesting than a lot of other reality shows on these days.

I realize that Kara dropped out of the trials, but you know what that might be the smart thing to do for her to win some money and big races this fall for marathons since a lot of the usual competitors are not going to run because of the Olympics. It will be a whole new ball game and that could make it really interesting.  Running is just one of those things that you have to be on top of your game, in peak health and fitness and still for the day of the races everything has to go well and you have to be having a good day and then you are in competition with other people who are on that day.  It’s a tall order to have the moon and stars all lined up at exactly the right time.  Plus it’s my dream to one day be in shape enough to go to one of her Podium Retreats!


How do you even get abs like that??

As for Emma Coburn, I just love that she is this driven, blonde powerhouse. I love watching the Steeple which I just discovered not too long ago and I think I might have missed my calling in life!! If I would have known back when that steeplechase was a thing I might have attempted to be in shape and do track in High School!! I used to run around all over jumping random things all over the place.  Of course I was pretending I was a horse at the time, but I still loved running up to buckets and barrels and tree branches as fast as I could and jumping over them.  Often I would also drag my actual horse or my dog over them with me.  But the Steeple is really interesting to watch because it has the element of the jumps and the water and you can really see how those drain them toward the end.


Seriously, look at those muscles. 

But probably my favorite story this year is Sarah Brown.  I love her story and always love a good comeback.  She was an inspirational badass before she got pregnant and now she is plotting an epic comeback.  I love that she is still going after her dream and focusing on doing what she wants and having a baby.


I can’t even. #goals

Coming from someone who doesn’t want kids, I am constantly being pressured to have babies and that I MUST do it which just makes me want them less.  A huge reason being is because once women have a baby usually they disappear.  Poof.  Gone.  You go from being an individual person to being “so and so’s mommy” and that’s it.  I love that Sarah is still holding on to who she is as an individual and doing her thing AND having a baby because there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do both.  It’s stupid.  There are plenty of kids out there with helicopter parents that quit their jobs and stop having their own lives to become a parent and their kids still aren’t perfect.

I think her baby Abigail, will gain more from seeing that her parents still have goals and dreams and work hard to go after them.  She is now in a high risk situation to getting some idea/goal/vision in her head and going after it with all she’s got and not giving up.   That is way better than teaching her that she is only allowed to live her life until she has kids and from then on out her worth is only measured by how perfect she is as a parent. I digress, just ignore the haters B Team!

Good luck to not only the three athletes that I named here but all of those involved.  In the end I will cheer for whoever makes the USA team in Rio, but I always cheer harder for my favorites in any race or marathon.  As for the rest of us Plebs, enjoy one of the few years where we can watch our favorite sport on TV more than two or three times!

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