Week 2 Training for SF

So I’m trying something new this training cycle.  I am going to aim for a middle ground between being absolutely 100% perfect following the plan and skipping almost every run.  I know, I am very much an all or nothing kind of person. That being said I skipped a run this week.  I know, it’s so early to skip a run!! But I was so tired and more unmotivated than usual so I thought “why am I going to make myself miserable and force myself to do something that I am supposed to enjoy”? Thus I just decided it was ok to skip a day and I just relaxed the rest of the afternoon and didn’t feel guilty about it any more.  It was magical.

Monday: Got up early and got a nice 5 miles in.  This was kind of my test run to see if I could do a 5 miler before work.  I got ready super fast and was ok making it to work, so as long as I have everything planned out ahead of time this could work!!

Tuesday: Speed workout.  6 miles. This one wasn’t nearly as successful as last week, I did 4 inside on the treadmill and kept getting interrupted and slowed down and then I took the dog out in the heat for the final two.

Wednesday: Rest.  This is the day I was beyond exhausted and unmotivated.  I called it a rest day and just relaxed and loved every second of it.

Thursday:  3 mile recovery and it wasn’t too terribly hot so I did it outside.  Thursday is carb loading day and we have recently discovered that the new Pizza house to open in town has the best pizza ever (go figure).  It is perfect for me because it has a thin crackery crust, not much sauce and a lot of fresh mozzarella cheese.  Perfection.  Here is a pic of the Alfredo Chicken that I got Artichokes put on.


Friday:  Another 4 miles to start the long weekend off right!!  I was so excited for it I left all my stuff at one workplace thinking I wouldn’t need it until Monday and then on Tuesday realized I didn’t have anything to take to my other workplace. Oops.

Saturday: Rest =(.  It was supposed to be long run day and the carbs were locked and loaded on Thursday but we ended up having to run 3 ½ hours down south to pick up a car trailer so we could haul our RZR around.  I was a little sad to not just get up on Saturday and get my run done but I figured it was a long weekend so it would be better to push the long run to Sunday this weekend rather than on a normal weekend.  Of course this means that Saturday had perfect weather for running or hanging out outside.  Well at home anyway, it poured on us the entire drive to and from the trailer place from about 45 min south of home.


Sunday:  8 miles pretty good.  I parked at my usual 2 mile rail trail in the middle and just decided to do out and back loops of 2 either direction and drink water after each one. I hated running with the backpack and afterwards my mouthpiece had to be thrown away because an earwig decided to take up inhabitants in the mouthpiece while it was drying.  It was kind of nice to have a set place after every two miles to keep everything and stop at after every loop.  It was also great being able to count down how much further I had because each side of the trail is exactly 1 mile so an out and back was ¼ of my total run.  I did feel a little like a cheater though because this is relatively flat.  Apparently there is a 50’ climb from the East to the West but that’s 50’ in 2 miles, so it’s not enough to really get any benefit from but enough to make me hate it.   I will do hills on other days I promise.

It was a good three day weekend though, got the dog out for the 8 miles and he loved it.  He loves sleeping and rolling and relaxing afterwards.  This was also the first year we were home with him for fireworks and we put his little thunder shirt on and shut him in the bedroom with us.  He wasn’t scared I don’t think he just thought something was going on so he was barking and baying and whining at the noises so it took a while for us to get him settled down.


I guess that’s it for week 2 since Monday is technically week 3.  I do want to do a post on the olympic trials later this week though!

Who else is loving the Olympic trials and what are you watching??

Is a Monday of training on a three day weekend not the best thing ever?

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