Week 1 training for Sioux Falls!

I just realized that I wrote last week’s post but never actually posted it.  That’s ok, not much happened anyway.  I did tire out the dog in a good way and he went and hung out in his room for several hours, which he never does.  He is usually only in there when we are at work and he is locked in or if he is eating.  Well he snuck off and I went looking for him and there he was all curled up on his bed.  I went back an hour later and he was curled tighter and then again an hour later and he was in the tightest curl you have ever seen.  Apparently he gets really tired now that it’s a little warmer.  Here is the progression.


Now on to this week. I don’t know if I mentioned in a previous post, but I signed up for the SIoux Falls Half on September 11th.  So this past week was the first week of training for that and let me tell you, I am happy to have structure back in my life. I am a little scared because I kept up running enough between cycles to move on to the intermediate training plan for this cycle so it’s going to get pretty serious pretty fast.  The first week was very doable with a nice and easy 25 miles.

Monday: Started off with a nice easy 3 miler.  I got up in the morning and got it in pretty easy before work.  Twas lovely that time of day.

Tuesday: 5 mile Speed workout!!  I am going to take these much more serious this time and really focus on pushing myself and getting faster since I was pretty good since my last race with not falling off the wagon too much.  This was one of my fav’s a 3 fast, 2 slow fartlek with 1 mi warm up and cool down.  I didn’t get out in the morning so I did it on my treadmill in the afternoon and that really allowed me to focus on keeping going and the speed instead of tapering off and stopping repeatedly with the dog and what not.

Wednesday:  5 miles on the treadmill.  I was a little sore from last night still so I took it easy and just ran on the treadmill in the afternoon.

Thursday:  Cross training.  I didn’t go super hard for this, but I did some.  1 min plank in 2 sections, 25 push ups, 50 squats, 50 ab twists and 50 bicep rows (that’s what I am calling them).  I do want to cross train more intense on these days and get little stuff like this in on days that I run in the morning.  One more thing to work on.

Friday:  4 miles in the morning.  It was already a little humid in the morning.  Not enough to give me PTSD from last week’s debacle.  (I thought it would be ok to run because it was only 75 degrees out, but it was 80% humidity and I only made it two miles.


Saturday:  8 mile long run.  So I slept in again and didn’t get out of bed until 6 so I got out at 6:30 and it was already into the 70’s and humid.  I took my camelbak mostly so I could have dog water and IT SUCKED carrying it full of water.  But he did drink every time I stopped.  I ran out 3 miles and then came back so I only stopped at miles 2 and 4 for water breaks, one of which I didn’t pause my watch for.  So mile 6 I was back at the truck and was just going to do a quick mile out and back and of course half a mile out someone was dragging and kept stopping.  I was so close, but I didn’t want to push it so I turned around and as soon as we were headed back to the truck he picked right back up.  Traitor.  It’s ok I went home and finished the last mile on the treadmill in the cool basement.  Then I had all weekend to hang out and relax and it was sooo nice!  I love getting my runs out of the way first thing in the morning.

Sunday:  Rest, but I took Hemi to the bark park and met a friend who was visiting from out of town with her dogs, so there was some walking around in the park.  But that might be another tradition taking him there on Sunday mornings when everyone is at church so the town is empty.  Then he can sniff all the trees and posts and get a little running in.

So there you have it, two weeks in one.  I am really super excited for Sioux Falls because it is close enough that it will be the first race since my first one in Washington DC that Adam can come to and be my chauffeur/cheerleader and he can feed me after!!  September is going to be a busy month, 3 weddings and a half marathon!

Also I didn’t take many running pictures this week so here are just a couple from around work and stuff.



What race are you excited for and why?

Who else has wicked weird tan lines already?!?  I do!

2 thoughts on “Week 1 training for Sioux Falls!

    • Right?? My watch line makes it look like I am wearing a latex glove and I have been putting up with pulling at shorts the whole run so I can have less weird shin tans. There is no saving my sock line though.


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