Can I become a morning runner?

The age old question: can I make myself a morning person?  Is it possible?  I gave it my best shot with mixed results.  I think with a lot of practice and dedication I could force myself to get used to it enough to not HATE it.  Maybe. I gave it a good try.  This week we were hit with a ridiculous heat wave, which may not seem that hot to some of my fellow Californians but when you factor in the humidity and the fact that we are used to surviving in negative temps then yeah, it was HOT!  It was supposed to get up into the high 80’s to low 100’s so I knew if I didn’t do something in the morning I wouldn’t go out at all.  The treadmill is also not an option right now because I am enjoying being outside so much I don’t want to go back to that until I have to!  So I didn’t run much this week but when I did I got up early.

Monday:  Walked in the afternoon with Hemi because it was already too hot to run and I didn’t decide to try to do mornings until halfway through the day.  I did get myself to bed at 10 (early for me) and had all my running gear laid out and ready!!

Tuesday: Woke up really easily with my alarm at 5!! I was hoping if I went to bed on time every night maybe this would happen.  Anyway got out a bit later than planned because of getting myself and the dog ready to go. I should have known I was taking too long when I was putting my hair up in my hat and all the sudden the bathroom door slowly gets pushed open by a cold, wet nose wondering what I am doing.  Cue dancing and jumping after spotting what I was wearing and the almost demise of my method to keep noise and light disturbances to a minimum.   Got to the trail and it was AMAZING!!  It was in the 50’s this morning and no one was out there and I felt like I could go forever.  But alas I was constricted by time needed to take a shower and get to work so I ended it at 3 miles pretty happy with myself.

Wednesday:  Didn’t happen today.  Had nightmares all night about weird random stuff so needless to say I didn’t sleep well.  Also Adam contracted some sort of disease that was like a cross between a Sinus infection and strep throat so he kept me up a bit and then tried to go out to the couch so I could sleep so I had to wake up enough to talk him down and tell him just to get back in bed.  Needless to say when my alarm went off I was NOT into it.  I did manage to get in a walk after work before running off to a work dinner, so at least I got out there a little.

Thursday: Managed to get up early again and get in another 3 miles before work.  Went to the golf course this time and didn’t see more than one other person so that was still nice.  I do like the hills and find it more interesting to run here but I always end up going out too fast and burning out.  Maybe that’s a good thing though.  It was also already 70 degrees with 60% humidity at 5 am so it wasn’t the best time but better than the rest of the day.  Really though, how can it be that hot before the sun is even up!?!?


Friday -Sunday: Honestly it was so hot and humid and I am a wimp that way that I didn’t get out and run at all any of these days.  I took the dog out Saturday morning early and I didn’t know if he was going to make it back to the truck or if I was going to have to carry him the last half a mile, and that was with the side of the trail that was mostly shady!!  Luckily he made it and I packed plenty of water so he could drink before we headed back home.

We did get to do one exciting thing this weekend.  We bought a polaris RZR!!  So this started with Adam having a motorcycle that he didn’t ride anymore because all of his friends had babies and couldn’t have fun anymore so he traded it in for a 4-wheeler which he loved and had a ton of fun with, but it wasn’t really fun for me to sit at home while he was off riding it. Though I do admit a few times I was out running.  Anywho, so we were trying to come up with hobbies that we both enjoyed and since he didn’t want to start running we came down to shooting and 4-wheeling.  Then we thought it might be fun to trade in the 4-wheeler and get a side by side so we could both go ride on trips.  So we did!!


It’s so much fun, we took it out with a neighbor who has a racing quad and went a few miles out of town down gravel roads and ended up at an acreage where the son made a little track around the hog barns complete with jumps and hills and what not and had a blast.  It’s a little tough at first learning to be a passenger and not be in control while you are being taken over jumps and up and down steep hills and what not but I can get used to it.  I even got to drive on the way back and for the first time in years got to do some doughnuts!  They are even more fun in this thing than they were in the slightly top heavy 4-wheeler I used in college.

We are hoping one day to be able to go on trips or go camping with it and take the dog.  We would have to be a lot more mellow with him tied in the back, but how fun would that be having little family outings and being outside??  I love outside as long as it’s not like, you know, midwest weather all the time.

Anyway, next week is the last week off before training starts for the Sioux Falls Half and I am going to continue to try and run in the morning, because it’s honestly awesome.  I love getting it over with right away and then it’s like I have all this free time and life after work!

What are your favorite hobbies with you S.O. or Friends?

Have you ever forced yourself to be a morning runner?

Is it better to run in the cool mornings or get used to running in heat?

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