Tulip Festival Food!

So this week was the lovely Tulip festival in my town, and while the event itself is rather lame the food is amazing.  The fried almond patties and poffertjes make up for the weird costumes and carbon copy parade every year, which leads me to a prime piece of advice to share if you are ever here for it: go during the parade and get food!!  The parade is the same parade two times a day, three days a year, every single year.  If you want to bust the crowds, skip the parade if you have ever seen it once and just go then.  Last year the poffertjes (tiny, buttery pancakes) had a line around the building and it was shut down an hour before closing to accommodate for it.  This year we were in and out in 5 minutes.  AMAZING.

But I am getting ahead of myself, that didn’t happen until Thursday and I took pictures this week!!

Monday: Ran 30 min and got to test out my coonhound tie-down device for the back of the truck.  It’s amazing, he can ride in the back like a real dog and I don’t have to listen to his whiny breathing the whole trip.  Look how happy he looks after our run!!


Then I made it home and made smashed fingerling potatoes while Adam grilled steak.  The steak was free from his work so it was super fatty (the butcher doesn’t trim the fat for some reason) so one of them flared up and didn’t survive but luckily they were huge so we split the other one.  I love grilling season.


Tuesday: I was supposed to work out but I got distracted and did not.  Oops, life happens.

Wednesday:  Another short run, this time I went for 35 min because it was such a nice day out.

Thursday: Tulip Festival!! No working out, just eating my weight in carnival food and NO REGRETS.   We did walk to the event since we are fairly close and there isn’t much parking closer anyway.  Plus it makes more room for fair-like food.  We went during the parade of wooden shoes and wallpaper dresses so we made it through the lines super quick.  First were the poffertjes (pronounced puffer cheese basically) which are tiny pancakes made in a cast iron pan with little half circle holes in it.   Then they slather it with butter and powdered sugar and it’s proclaimed heaven in a little cardboard food boat.


Then we shoved innocent bystanders aside on our way to the fried almond patties, but then figured we should eat real food too.  So after some teriyaki chicken kabobs and BBQ pork sliders from the meat market stand, we went for dessert.  Next we actually had a dutch puppy, which I didn’t get a picture of but it’s like donut batter made in a waffle iron, cut into strips and put on sticks then covered with chocolate and covered with whipped cream.  While this was good it was mostly donut like and didn’t hold a candle to the fried almond patty, which was the main reason we come to Tulip Festival.


Almond patties are good to begin with, but then when you bread them, fry them and cover them in powdered sugar they reach a whole new level.  Admittedly I was sick after eating so much sugar, but I would do it again in an instant for these.

Friday:  Didn’t run because I had a little date night with Adam.

Saturday:  Another long run, I went for the same amount of time as last week and went half a mile further this time, so 7.5 miles.   I felt really good and took Ham Ham with me.  I was probably on top of my game because I managed to find my go to pre-long run food of a Chocolate Chip scone and all was right in the world.  I did manage to get a pretty nasty blister on one of my toes, don’t know what I did different there but it hurt pretty bad.  That was the only drawback to this run other than we both got a little thirsty.


Sunday:  I got creative today and baked my own CC Scones.  They turned out amazing and I might have to make more every weekend.  Then I kept the creativity flowing and made baked artichokes while Adam grilled balsamic chicken.  Best dinner all week.  I took the tiny, pathetic artichokes that I found (and the girl at the register had to ask me what they were to ring me up) and trimmed them, added Olive Oil, garlic, parmesan and salt and pepper and baked them to perfection.  Will be doing that again, but I may need to find a source for bigger artichokes.  I also made a garlic aioli, and may have gone a bit overboard on the garlic for the dish as a whole but at least my house and everything/person in it will forever be protected from vampires.



I can’t wait until next week’s update as Monday is our 1st anniversary so next weekend we have a weekend getaway planned for Omaha and it will be the first overnight trip we have taken since we got married!!

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