Getting into a routine

Getting back into a routine is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  I find it very difficult to keep motivated without a goal race to keep me focused.  There are a couple small, local events that I might sign up for to fill the void.  Then I’m considering doing the Sioux Falls half in September.  It might be a nice change to have a race close to home where I can keep my regular routine and sleep in my own bed the night before.   So I am going to start an Unofficial race list for the possibilities that are out there:

May 21: Tulip Festival 5k

June 4: Village Northwest 5k/10k/1 mile that I can force Adam to do

July 16: Okoboji 10k/Half

July 31: 605 Runners 4 mi Training Race

August 14: 605 Runners 8 mi Training Race (may be gone on work trip)

August 28: 605 Runners 12 mi Training Race (may be in or just returning from Nashville for Bachelorette party)

September 11: Sioux Falls Half Marathon

So there are a lot of little options just to keep me out there and I should just sign up for a few of them.  Problem is I will be traveling a lot for work this summer, some of which I don’t know the dates for so that makes it a little more complicated and I have a few weddings this fall that I need to attend pre-events for and help with decorations etc.  So I might end up having to sign up for some races that I end up not being able to attend.

That being said, this was a pretty uneventful week as far as training goes.

Monday: Ran 30 min, felt really good and kept a good pace.

Tuesday: Had to travel for work but I did 1 circuit of Legs for BBG Pre Week 1 and 1 circuit of Arms and abs BBG Pre week 1.  Probably not the best idea, then I wanted to die and could barely walk all week.

Wednesday: Nothing because I couldn’t move

Thursday: Still sore and spent half the day driving so nothing again.

Friday: Ran 20 min with legs that were tired and sore.  Considered this a win and they felt a lot better after getting them stretched and used for 20 min. Then we went on a date and had some amazing steaks because I had beef certificates and May is Beef month!!

Saturday:  I actually did an hour and a half long run that I took nice and slow and managed to fit 7 miles in.  I’m pretty happy with that, that’s the longest I have run with no race motivation looming over me!!  Adam had to work in the morning, but when he was done he wanted to go to this BBQ place in town, so we went and it was SOOOO good!! Plus, it’s mostly protein so I’m considering it not too unhealthy!  Adam was also really nice and set aside his hanger to sit (im)patiently in the car while I got coffee to round off a perfect Saturday of running and then relaxing.


Sunday: Rest because I haven’t done enough of that this week. I did manage to clean the entire house, so I think that’s enough of a workout in itself.  I got more steps than on a normal rest day anyway.

Since I have had a couple boring weeks and I never ended up showing a picture, here is my new tattoo since it is all healed.  I combined two of my passions (running and horses) and put Oiselle motto “Heads up Wings out” and paired it with a Pegasus and I really love the combination.  So excited I finally went through with it and got a second one!


Hopefully I will have a better routine next week and get into things easier.  Even though I destroyed my legs with my workout, I’m probably going to keep doing them in some form for the toning.  Maybe eventually my legs won’t get as sore or maybe I will learn to run well on sore, tired legs.  They do seem to recover well before weekend long runs, so maybe as long as I do it early enough in the week it won’t be so bad.

Also since every other blogger seems to end blogs with a few questions, I’m going to give it a shot:

How do you train after the devastation of leg day?

How do you keep motivated in between races?

Do you consider a day where you got up and did a long run but then relaxed a relaxing day?

2 thoughts on “Getting into a routine

    • I should just do that. Just random squats throughout every day then I will be able to move. I don’t know why I torture myself that way!! I think every time will be different, will be the time I don’t get sore lol


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