Hello from the other side of training!

I only ran once this week.  Yep, you read that right once.  I have been resting and taking it easy and it felt great!!!  I focused more on getting my eating back on track, which is a lot less fun without the running because I can’t eat as much.  I’m going to have to start running again so I can eat more.

As I stated before from here on I am going to do my runs based on time and focus on quality rather than quantity. I ended up doing a short long run and just getting out there for 40 min on Saturday.  It felt really good and I am excited to hopefully see some progress.  I am also going to start working out almost evenly with running and hope to achieve a lot of toning that way.  

So since I didn’t run or do much I will just share a few lovely pictures.


My cowbell finally!!


My latest finds, a unicorn and a coonhound cookie cutter!!


Hemi enjoying his present from California.  He liked licking the frosting off before eating it. 

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