Week 12 of Training for SLO

Week 12 already!!!!  I also sadly broke my running streak.  I did not do any of the training runs this week and just decided to relax, recover and fully attend my training.  So instead I sat in a chair all day and ate, which I think is a good trade.  Though I did feel super guilty all week. Why did they insist on putting food and snacks in front of us all day?  Oh well.

I had fun in St. Louis for training and met a lot of great people.  I am sure everyone says this, but we really had to have been the best group yet.

So since I didn’t run I don’t have a ton to say about this week.  After training I flew to California and continued to eat as we made our way down Hwy 1 to San Luis Obispo.  I do have some really pretty pictures of the ocean from that.  It was the first time there wasn’t fog half a mile out so I could see quite a bit, and was so mesmerized by how blue the water is!!  I will share a few pictures and work on my race recap, which will also have a lot of pictures!



Tri-Tip sandwich, oh how I have missed you. 


Happy California cows enjoying their pasture along the ocean!


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