Training on the road and planning ahead

I promised I would let you know what I wanted to do after training but I am going to get to that in a minute.  Right now I am worrying about next week.  It is officially the last week of training and I will be in St. Louis for training for work, so I am going to have to step way out of my comfort zone a few times.

A) I’m going to have to either get up at 4 am to run so I can shower and be ready by breakfast time and catch the bus to training OR I am going to have to run super late at night when dinner is done and after socializing or just skip socializing.

B) I am going to have to train in a city I know nothing about, or chance the one treadmill the hotel has being open when I need it. As much as I would like to get outside and explore, I don’t want to do it alone and I don’t want to end up in a bad neighborhood or something.

C) I am going to have to pack extra clothes and then just travel all over the country with smelly BO clothes, which also means I will have to run in my less comfortable back up running outfits if I am to save the good ones for race day. I’m not sure how it’s going to go, I might try to skip running in the morning and then end up not getting back to the hotel until 10 at night and just have to skip the run, so this may be the end of my streak, a mere week before the end.  I will just be glad when it’s over but at the same time I am trying to keep in mind, that being perfect isn’t worth making myself miserable and if I have to skip a run or two while far from home with no easy way to get it done then maybe that is what I need to do to just relax and prep mentally.

Plus, who knows maybe not running at all the week before a race is the ultimate form of tapering and I will be so well rested and so wound up that I will do way better than expected at the race?

As for training after training I think I have it figured out, but I won’t truly know how well it works until I try it for a while.  I know I want to focus on time, being consistent and cross training without the pressure to get in a set amount of miles.  Not much, just everything at once, right?  For cross training I want to get back to doing the Kayla Itsines BBG workouts because they are short, straightforward and don’t need much (if any) equipment.  Notice I did not say they were easy, but that means they work!  Here is what I think I want to do:

Monday: 30-45 min run and BBG

Tuesday: 45-1:30 min run involving speed or hills

Wednesday: 30 -45 min run and BBG

Thursday: Rest or Make up for if I missed any other workouts this week.

Friday:30-45 min run and BBG

Saturday: 1:30-2:30 min run, also known as the long run but time based this time!

Sunday: Rest, Roll and Recover day.  I need some days off or I go insane and end up hating the workouts.

I think it looks pretty solid, there would be a few good hours of running and an hour and a half of cross training, though I might need to move the BBG leg day to Wednesday, because I am usually so sore I can’t even move them for days after and I don’t want to do that first thing in the week!!  Like I said though, we will just have to see how it goes.  It’s a little more flexible than what I am doing now I can either split up workouts, shorten them or switch to a different day.  I think I could be happy with this if I could stick to it.  I will let you know how it goes and leave you with this piece of wisdom:


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