Week 10 of training for SLO (with pictures!!)

37 miles. Done. Peak week is over, and I’m hoping I will get some extra energy now that it is.  I did get outside a couple times and I did remember to take pictures though this week!!  Overall it was ok, not a great week but not terrible.  I’m just glad I survived.  It was warm and windy all week so A brought out the grill and we started grilling season!  I forced myself to try new veggies and they weren’t bad.  I didn’t get a picture of the food, but we basically just glazed chicken and the veggie kabobs with balsamic vinaigrette and they ended up caramelized and with the perfect black diamond grill marks, it was fantastic.  I want to do that to everything now!!  It’s a good way to get more protein and veggies in, both of which I am terrible at.  I have been trying to get more protein at every meal so I have been making oatmeal with egg whites for breakfast and little wraps for lunch.

The oatmeal with egg whites was ok, but a little hard to choke down when I first tried it even when I put cinnamon or PB 2 in it, so I had the brilliant idea of using the flavored instant oatmeal I already had and replacing half of the water with egg whites, and it is REALLY good.  It takes a little trial and error to perfect, but I have just little 100 calorie pouches of Oatmeal called OatFit, in a cinnamon roll flavor.  It’s a pretty decent breakfast on it’s own but even better with the eggs.  I just put in half the water it recommends, microwave it for a minute, then add the egg whites and do another minute or two (whenever it looks done aka not watery but not dry and rubbery), stirring every 45 seconds to a minute so I don’t end up with an omelette on the top and an oatmeal hockey puck on the bottom.  I have been looking for something to make a healthy routine, and I have to say that might be it!!  I never thought of adding egg whites to oatmeal before, but now that I have I wish I knew this years ago!!  Total calories are 139 for using a ⅓ cup egg whites and 11 g of protein. I even took a pic of it one morning (note: I am not a photographer, as you have probably noticed by now)



As for the wraps, I got the idea from those REV protein wraps that the gas station sells (yeah, real quality food sources available in the midwest).  I went to target and got some carb conscious tortillas, which also happen to have like 6 grams of protein, so win!!  Then I slap two pieces of cheese (I used the ultra thin sliced ones) and two slices of lunch meat and roll it up in some tin foil which makes it still be in a roll when I go to eat it!!  With the ingredients I have chosen it’s like 196 cal with 17.6 g of protein. Then if I’m being really good I will pack string cheese, almonds, pistachios or some other protein snack, which when paired with my now standard pre-run fuel of a couple rice cakes and it works pretty well.

Anyway on to the training!!

Monday: 5 miles and I kind of cheated.  I was still sore and exhausted from last week, then add to that my treadmill was saying It needed servicing (it was cold and windy this day) and we didn’t have any water running in the house when I got home so I phoned it in and speed walked the 5 miles.  I still got them in so I feel less guilty about it, but it wasn’t technically a rest day.

Tuesday: 9 miles of speedwork again.  Another one where I struggled throughout, but it was pretty grueling.  3 miles of warm up, then I upped the pace by 1 point for each of the next 5 miles and then cooled down for a mile.  Feels like it took forever and as A has been saying lately, running is taking over our lives.  I guess it kind of is lately.

Wednesday: 5 miles of recovery.  I went outside to the golf course with the hound for this one.  One loop around (2.5 miles) and he was panting and kept stopping and making me drag him so I took him home and gave him water then headed out to run around on the streets.  Maybe I should have taken his advice because even though it was windy it was still almost 80 degrees and a little humid, so I also almost died on the second 2.5.

I did go and have my lunch as a little picnic at a nearby park to check it out as a potential long run location.  One part of it is a 5.5 mile loop and the other side is even longer but I’m not sure how long. It’s a pretty enough trail and it’s new so It would be good for running long, and once I check it out I will know if it’s something I can bring the hound on or if he will be getting harassed by yard dogs every 5 feet.  Here is a sample of it!!


Thursday: Cross training.  I wasn’t as lazy as I have been but I didn’t kill it either.  I did 2x :30 planks, 50 squats and 25 push ups.  It was also way late and we were already showered and about to go to bed and I just felt so guilty that I had to do something. It doesn’t help that I also haven’t been able to put GOT down and am now almost done with book two.  I want to slow down because I was told the 6th book won’t be out for another year but at the same time I can’t stop.

Friday: 5 of the best miles I have had in awhile.  It was really good to have another good run after being so tired and struggling so much lately. It makes me hopeful that this is normal and that I will be well rested and ready to kick ass on race day.  Hopefully?

Saturday: 13 long, hot, windy, painful miles.  The first 6-7 weren’t bad they just kind of went by.  8-10 were awful, like usual for 13 mile runs I guess and then 10-13 were just a painful delirium.  It started out pretty enough, going through a field and then a wooded area that eventually led into a golf course that had a couple different loops that could have been taken.  I attempted to run with a water bottle in my hand for the first time and hated it.   But the place itself was really pretty and shady and there was water out along the course.  There were like 12 bridges I went over and I got to run by some nice big houses and pass the time by imagining that I lived there.



In the end I finished way slower than I would have liked, but considering there was a 30 mph headwind half of the time that stopped almost instantly once I turned around so that I could not use it to my advantage, I am pretty happy with it. I did get sunburnt, I put on sunblock but not well and I missed a very important spot which makes me a little nervous but there is nothing I can do about it now.  Which leads me to my big announcement!!

I got another tattoo!! It’s on my shoulder and shows off my two passions: running and horses.  I’m really excited about it but you will have to wait a little longer to see a picture because now it is 90% healed BUT sunburnt =(  I am so excited about it though!!

Sunday: Rest, relaxing and foam rolling. Of course also reading Game of Thrones like there is no tomorrow and using all my self restraint to not get HBO now to watch it.  Forcing myself to wait until I have caught up in the books.

So there you have it, week 10 (already!!) is done.  I have been thinking a lot about life after training and I think I have a pretty solid plan, I might need to tweak it a little so It’s more flexible and no one can claim that running is taking over our lives, so I will have a post just for that coming up soon.

2 thoughts on “Week 10 of training for SLO (with pictures!!)

  1. Great week!! You’re going to kick ass at SLO! I run with a water bottle in my hand all the time. Sunday’s long run was carrying one of those 25 oz Propel bottles. I joking call it my cross training- working the biceps right?


    • I don’t know how you do it!! It was driving me crazy and by the time I needed it it was warm from my hand lol it is probably the same as carrying those little walking weights lol


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