Week 9 of Training for SLO

It’s getting so close!!!  The week before peak week is over and the last big hurdle is peak week, then it’s all down hill! 36 more miles this week and I am still exhausted.  It was a long, bad week at work and all the miles just left me absolutely drained.  It was a struggle but I got all the miles done and kept my streak alive.

Monday: 5 miles, recovery from the race on Saturday, which I actually wasn’t too bad so that’s a bonus.  I think I am recovering from longer workouts way faster than ever before which makes me feel more like a real runner than my runs sometimes.

Tuesday: 9 grueling miles of speedwork.  I actually had to split this one too and do the last mile later in the night because we had a family engagement to celebrate A’s birthday (only a few weeks late due to everyone constantly being sick).  So I ran a mile warm up, then 4 min fast and one slower for seven miles.  Then I stopped to go eat cake and came back and did a slow cool down mile.  I wish all my runs had a cake intermission!!

Wednesday: 5 miles of recovery.  I don’t know what the deal with the last two runs was, but I have this issue with my legs where I try and stretch as I run because no matter how much I stretch before they feel tight and uncomfortable.  It just takes over my brain and it’s all I can think about so I had 5 really uncomfortable miles.  Maybe I need to foam roll before and after all runs?  Could that help?

Thursday: Rest.  Once again supposed to be cross training but I am still so tired that I just couldn’t do it.  I rested and went to a work meeting which ended up being super stressful.  I guess if I really had my shit together I would have worked out to sweat the stress away! Fail, maybe next time.  I will really try to do better this week.

Friday: 5 more miles.  I am getting used to this 5 mile maintenance run thing.  I am constantly thinking about what my plan will be after training and think maybe a 5 – 4 – 3 on MWF respectively and still have a speed workout and long run on Tu and Sa respectively.  I do like having a routine because that keeps me motivated and accountable, but I do like to have a little flexibility for when things get crazy.  My problem is that if you give me an inch I will take a mile and a flexible plan will turn into not running with any consistency at all.  Another thing I will have to work on.

Saturday: 12 painful miles.  I shamefully did these inside because I had an appointment to get to in the early afternoon and when I needed to start running the temps were in the teens.  Yes I am certainly a fair weather runner to a fault.  I really hope to get outdoors more this upcoming week, hopefully it will make peak week a little more bearable.  These 12 miles were doable but long and the struggle was definitely real.  I wish I lived in CA again where there are endless trails and the weather is warm most of the year to run outside.  Why didn’t I take advantage of that more when I lived there?? Now that I have moved away I really realize all the nice things I took for granted and kind of wish I could go back and do things again.

Sunday: Rest day.  Got home from SF exhausted yesterday and just lounged and relaxed all day.  It was fantastic.  I do have some fun news (and hopefully pictures) to share with you next week.  Sadly I didn’t take any this week so I shall leave you with the promise of a better post next time and this picture of (SURPRISE) my dog.   (And an exciting announcement next week too!)


P.S. I found a Game of Thrones box set on sale at Wal Mart so I bought it and am a third of the way through the first book and I really like it so far!!  It jumps around a lot but I think that helps progress it well and in a way that won’t make it become boring.

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