Week 8 of training for SLO

Week 8 is done, and so is my first non-half marathon race!!  Spring Thaw 10 mile race on Saturday was very memorable, but I will get to that later.  While I was running it I realized, I have run 2 (maybe 3) 2 mile races for the Fourth of July festivities like when I was in middle school and then 5 half marathons and that’s in in the way of races.  So now I can add a 10 mile race to my resume!!  Anyway here is the breakdown from the week.

Monday: Sweet calves of fire!!! I thought 5 miles would be a nice, short run to wear my new shoes to start to break them in and I must have underestimated how worn down my old shoes are because my lower calves were ON FIRE!!!  I’m sure the little hills and stuff didn’t help, but ouch!! I did finish it, not too steady of a pace but it never really is when I have the coonhound with me because he is either pulling me along trying to sniff someone/something or stopping to sniff/pee on something.  The struggle is real but luckily he is cute so he can get away with it.  He is also part cat and likes to sleep in the sun when it comes through the window.


Tuesday: 4 mile speed run.  Thank god it was short, I have been exhausted for the last two weeks so it was nice to be a little backed off on miles this week so I can be ready for almost peak week and then peak week coming up.  This run was 1 mile warm up and then .75 fast interval and a .25 recovery interval, which I did for two miles and it was sucking and I wasn’t too speedy so for the last mile I did a Fartlek and got it done a lot quicker than any of the others.

Wednesday: 4 mile recovery run.  Really uneventful, I just hopped on the treadmill and got it done to get the miles in. Bored of the treadmill at this point and am going to have to start braving the wind/cold/stifling humidity for the rest of spring, summer and fall.  I really should save the treadmill for winter when it’s -20 with a real feel of -50 because of the 30 mph wind and it’s snow coming down on top of ice, you know the days that I absolutely refuse to go outside.

Thursday: Supposed to be cross training but I am not ashamed to say that I didn’t do anything.  I had to run around all day driving to and from meetings and appointments and I was as usual exhausted so I just rested.  I also carb loaded with a lot of pizza and homemade hot pudding on marshmallows, which was amazing and I shall never go back to cold pudding ever again.

Friday: 4 miles, just trying to take it easy and stay fresh and loose for the race tomorrow.  I spent a lot of time packing and prepping for tomorrow so I could be ready and not stressed in the morning.  I ran in clothes that I haven’t in awhile because I wanted to keep my good outfit nice for the race, so that made it a little uncomfortable.  After a while I did manage to get my race kit ready, the layers I wanted to wear and everything else I thought I might need.  I brought an extra change of clothes even (which I didn’t end up using, sorry Robyn!).

Saturday: 10 miles for the Spring Thaw race and then walking a mile later because I am obsessed with getting the total amount of miles that the training program says. I do think it helped make me feel a little looser too though.


The race breakdown: It was cold, and windy and small.  The total number of people was around 600 and I think a majority of them were in the 5k, so when we started out I went out way too fast keeping up with the pack and had to keep forcing myself to slow down, even though EVERYONE was passing me.  For the first two miles I was the last 10 mile person which was really fun because there were two parts where there was a turn around and you ran back past where you came, so I got to see everyone pass me three times including at the initial start!  I did manage to pass a couple people and most importantly the 72 year old man who looked like he was power walking.  In my defense the first 6 miles were into the 30ish mph wind, which really drained me.  When there were bad gusts it felt like I wasn’t going anywhere.  After the turn around mile 6 was ok where I was against the wind and then I was either drained or I hit a wall or whatever but the last three sucked.  I managed to stay ahead of those that I passed, though one guy was gaining on me for the last mile and a half but that pushed me to keep going.


All in all, it was a fun race.  I got to run with people around and get a cool shirt but the wind and the weather was really harsh.  I went out too fast and suffered in the wind so those combined led to me crashing at the end and failing to accomplish my one goal of staying at a steady pace the whole time.  I guess I can try that part again next week.  I did have a really good day food wise, I got to go to Red Robin and eat endless fries and get Starbucks so I had a really good day over all!!

Sunday: As per usual resting and blogging.  It’s up to 70 today so it is really nice when you are protected but the wind is still gusting pretty hard (damn you midwest) so that kind of negates the nice weather anyway.  Won’t be long until it is 80 degrees, with 80% humidity and 50 mph wind, I CAN’T wait for those days!!

Total miles for this week was 28 and next week is 36, so I am going to keep getting my energy zapped for a while more.  I am excited to get through this next week though and see how it goes.  I had a couple good weeks and this one was just kind of meh, so I expected it to come down a little.  It’s better than having a really bad week.

2 thoughts on “Week 8 of training for SLO

  1. Great week! I’ve always wanted to run a 10 mile race but there aren’t any around here. Boo. Oh yum, Red Robin. I hadn’t been there in years and I went when I was in Huntington Beach for Surf City- so good! Why does the race pic talk about construction?


    • I’m not really sure where it was, but there is construction all over (and has been in that area for years) but apparently this year it made them have to alter the course and it was a big deal. Maybe it only would have had one turnaround if there wasn’t construction? I was suffering in the wind too much to notice it though lol


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