Week 5 of Training for SLO.

This was an interesting week.  It started rough, got rougher halfway through and then ended on a high note.  Also for some reason I kept getting cheesey running quotes stuck in my head on my runs.  What is up with that?  As I said last week, I updated my fitspo board to reflect goals for this week.  I have also been forcing myself to use the foam roller more and try to get rid of soreness faster.

Monday: 4 miles outside.  Still sore from Saturday’s long run and in danger of dying from heat stroke (yeah, I consider 71 degrees as hot.  Plus it was humid!!)  I took my running buddy again and we did a lap and some around the golf course.  It was painful and slow for me and not nearly fast enough for him.

Tuesday: 6 miles of “speed work”.  This was supposed to be 2 miles of warm up with 3 miles of progression and a final cool down mile.  I would say it was the slowest speed workout in the history of time.  I didn’t have any energy and I was still so sore, put that together with being back inside because I have more control of it and It was just bad.  The first and last miles were terrible, but the middle ones were bearable and I just kept thinking “never trust the first mile or the last mile”.  Well now I know what that means, I am really beginning to value a good warmup and cool down if only to get those miles out of the way.

Wednesday: 3 miles and then thank god I could rest for a day.  I did the three miles, but wasn’t happy about them and then came the other quote stuck in my head “get comfortable being uncomfortable”.  Well that is exactly what I did, it was a short 3 miles and I was sore and just wanted to get it over with, but it wasn’t that bad and they passed quickly.  Then I was starving and made myself some amazing egg “sandwiches” that I specifically went and bought avocado for.


Thursday: Cross train day.  My plan was to take it easy and not get sore.  I did 50 push ups, (3) 30 second planks, 25 tricep dips, 25 bicep curls, 50 ab bikes and 50 squats.  Ironically the squats were the easiest part and I barely even got my heart rate up, but I could feel them the most the rest of the week.  What gives??

Friday: 3 mile return to running.  It wasn’t so bad.  Once again something to just get the miles in.  Felt a lot better than the rest of the runs this week so I was pretty happy with it.

Saturday: 8 mile long run. I got out early and got it done and the weather was beautiful and the snow was gone and I finished it 5 min faster than last week.  I am just really happy with how this run turned out.  I had the most consistent splits I have had on a run this long, still not perfect but getting a lot closer. Took the coonhound out and he pushed me to run a quick second mile because someone had got in front of us while we went on a little side trail, so then I had to sprint up a hill to pass and get away from another dog.  Then the biggest and longest incline had a lovely headwind to it so that was fun.  It got a little warm out so I might need to stash water for Ham dog in the future.  Then I got home, took a shower and then and stuffed my face with pizza with my patient, runger understanding husband and then went shopping.  Well I tried to go shopping.  Every other person on earth was also at the mall so I just got in, got the essentials and got out.  But I swung through a couple drive throughs and got some iced coffee and mac and cheese for dinner since I was on my own and went home and snuggled with my doggie and relaxed.

Sunday: Rest day Hallelujah!! I did manage to foam roll and stretch on Saturday so I actually felt pretty good.  And since A was working and Hemi slept in because of daylight savings and being exhausted from the day before I slept in, then just relaxed all morning and wished every day could be like this.


My little snuggle buddy.

I am really excited for the upcoming week because I honestly think I am getting stronger and recovering faster.  Frankly I really do look forward to my runs a lot more than I used to, and that is really exciting to me also.   This time next week I will be halfway through!!!

2 thoughts on “Week 5 of Training for SLO.

    • They are my go to when I’m on my own or craving protein! So easy and yummy!! SLO really is coming up fast, it felt like it was forever away when I signed up!! Now I find out I’m going to be in St. Louis at a work training thing the entire week leading up to it, that’s going to be a little rough!


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