Week 4 of Training for SLO

Week four!! One third of the way through!  Kept it up this week and I think it was the most successful week yet. I cross trained, I ran outside and I took pictures!!! Winning all around!

Monday: 3 mile maintenance run.  This is my last week of 3 mile “short runs” so I have to live it up!! I actually ran 3.1 because of my total mileage for January and February so I would end with exactly 84 miles for the year so far.

Tuesday: 4 mile speed run.  Was supposed to be 3.8 (don’t ask me why that is a really random number).  One mile of warm up and cool down and two sets of .75 at a faster pace and .25 at a recovery pace, which I did halfway between the warm up and the fast speed.

Wednesday: 3 mile recovery run.  Just a steady 3 miles to recover from yesterday and help up the mileage.  This is also the first week of running 5 days a week and only having one rest day, so it’s one more thing to get used to.

Thursday: Cross training!! I had a meeting in a city about two hours away and then I had dinner with a friend when I got home, so I was worried I was going to be too tempted to skip this one. I ended up just doing some stuff on the floor right before bed that caused A to ask me if I was having a heart attack.  50 push ups, 30 second plank (x2), 50 ab bikes, 50 squats and 50 tricep curl things with my resistance band.  I am also really inspired about what I had for dinner!! So we went to Mexican and though I know I usually try to carb load on Thursdays, but I was craving protein so bad and I don’t know what would fit what I eat (I’m a picky eater) and not blow the calorie bank.  Also I wanted chips and salsa.  Enter brainstorm:  Side order of grilled chicken and side order of grilled shrimp, mix and dump salsa on top.  It was AMAZING.  I will have to get it every time.  I did not take a picture then, but I did go back the next night with A and order almost the same thing.  This time I got shredded chicken that came with peppers and melted cheese.  I liked the grilled better, but here is approximately what it looks like!!


Friday:  3 more maintainance miles.  This time I did the last one a little quicker, but mostly took it easy to be fresh for tomorrow’s long run!!

Saturday: 8 mile long run.  Outside.  What can I say about this run?? It was fantastic.  This was the first time I have got outside for 2016 and it was around high 40’s low 50’s with a slight breeze.  There were still some spots that had snow piled in it that I had to run around.  I felt amazing though.  I took my coonhound and we went along a nice trail that isn’t through people’s yards and is most of the time pretty secluded.  I counted the miles as my watch buzzed and after the fifth time I looked at it and it said I was only at four miles!! So that was the only downside, I MAY have run 9 miles instead?  But my training plan says 8 so I had to make it so my watch said 8 too so I just kept going. I thought the hills were going to kill me, but I welcomed them as a nice change from the treadmill and didn’t struggle at all.  The worst part was probably when it was a little breezy, it got a little cold and I had a slightly annoying nose run, but other than that it was a very rewarding run.  I can’t wait to get outside and do it again.  Here is a pic of my running buddy and I and a pic of dessert.  We went out with a couple friends and decided to treat ourselves to ice cream after.  I ate too much dinner though and couldn’t finish it, so that remnant ice cream that I abandoned will haunt hungry me for the rest of my life =(.


Sunday: Rest as usual.  I revived the foam roller because (surprise!!) I am quite sore. That hurt, but I want to do it when I’m sore and I need to get into that habit!!  I also attempted yoga while A was out washing the truck, but that didn’t work as Hemi was whining and running back and forth the whole time because everybody and their dog (literally) was like hanging out and wandering back and forth along our street.  So I gave up on the yoga this time, but will revisit when I can lock myself away in my office or something.

Looking forward to week 5, I have my fitspo board all updated and will post pics of it next week!

2 thoughts on “Week 4 of Training for SLO

    • Haha yes!! I can’t lie on the floor to attempt push ups or anything down on that level without my dog trying to lick my face or lay on top of/underneath me. I think he thinks I want to play with him lol


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