Week 3 of Training for SLO

I just realized I forgot to post my week three update!!!  This beautiful picture of what awaits reminded me!


Week 3 has been a little rocky.  I got back from my friend’s house with a stuffy nose that I was telling myself was just from dust in the house.  Yeah, right.  I managed to catch a cold.  Drinking a bottle and a half of wine and then carelessly drinking water from a bottle that was previously drank from by someone who had previously had a cold could not possibly be the source of this illness, so: Damn you winter weather!!  Anyway, I ended up still managing my runs though I would not call them the best idea.

Monday: 3 miles of pure misery and sloth.  I really wanted to not even do this one but I figured it was short and I would hate myself later in training if I skipped three lousy miles to mess up my perfect record.  I was also thinking I would be miraculously healthy by tomorrow. Right.

Tuesday: 5 miles of surprisingly good speed work.  I was loaded up on cold medication and feeling good for the moment so I figured it was now or never.  Put on my running gear and headed to the treadmill, did two miles of steady warm up, then two miles of increasing pace as I went.  Really it was one mile of increasing .1 every quarter of a mile, then a .15 walk and start again slightly faster than I started at last time, once again increasing at every quarter mile followed by a mile cool down.  I didn’t push as hard as I usually would have but still got speed in so I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Wednesday: Supposed to be cross training but I was so drained from being sick and being at work all day trying not to infect people that I just decided to rest and try to get better this week.

Thursday: Actual rest day, just a little guilt from not cross training.  Hopefully I will be a little better tomorrow to resume running.  Carb loaded again by going to Pizza Ranch where I had Pizza, breadsticks and cactus bread but also veggies and a salad.  It was a lot and I feel guilty but it was one of only two times in six weeks I have gone over my calorie goal.  And I have a long run to prep for.

Friday: 3 miles maintenance.  I woke up feeling way better and wanted to stay in bed so I could hold on to that feeling.  Sadly as soon as I got up and was headed to work the stuffiness and nose running returned.  The 3 miles today weren’t great but they weren’t bad either so I guess I can’t complain.  Not looking forward to long run tomorrow but I am thankful this is happening early in training so it’s only 6 miles.

Saturday: 6 mile long run.  Barely.  I had no energy and no motivation.  I finished but it was awful.  Really wanted to run outside with the Coonhound but when I drove past my usual spots they were all muddy or still covered in several foot snow drifts.  Plus A was going to go to town for the day so I wanted to be there when he left, meaning I just started running on the treadmill while waiting for him to get back from his parent’s place and was halfway done when he got back.  I think I really will get outside next week for morale.

Sunday: Rest and planning for the rest of the week.  

I’m really proud of my progress so far and can’t wait to see the results on race day!!

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