Week 2 of training for SLO

Another successful week! It was a little more cramped but I managed to have a real life in addition to a training schedule, so that is a success.  Here is the breakdown:

Monday: 3 miles, nothing much to it.  The previous weekend was Valentine’s day so I had fueled up on a nice steak dinner and then movie theatre popcorn from Deadpool, so I had a lot to run off. Two miles in the beginning were normal and then I ran the third a little faster.

Tuesday: 5 mile speed run!! Another of my favorite variety: fartlek.  One mile warm-up and cool down with three in the middle of 3 min faster and one slower. Felt really good, I love getting back into a training schedule.  It just feels so good!

Wednesday:  Cross training day and I actually did BBG week 1 arms and abs and then some squats.  I only did one circuit though so I know I left a lot of room for improvement. Good thing I have 10 more weeks to work on it.

Thursday:  Rest day and A needed to run to town to pick up his four wheeler.  So we did that and went to one of our favorite places Olive Garden where I actually like an item off of their low calorie menu.  Then we went to my other favorite place, Starbucks for dessert.  It was an amazing rest day and while I ordered off the low cal menu I didn’t really carb load but I did have some breadsticks.

Friday:  3 more maintainence miles.Just a quick three after dinner.  Then I made this really good cauliflower casserole.  Mostly cauliflower, parmesan cheese, a little milk, flour and an egg and it was really good.  Cauliflower is diverse because it doesn’t have a ton of taste so this tasted a lot like mac and cheese with a fraction of the calories and more protein!

Saturday:  I had to get up and do this one earlier than usual so I could drive 4.5 hours to a friend’s house for a craft weekend, so I didn’t really eat other than a banana right before.  It was a little long and slow, didn’t really feel like I had any energy so a good note is that either the carb loading or the scone and coffee are the magic trick.

Saturday afternoon/Sunday:  The rest of the weekend was relaxing and full of eating.  I did eat a lot of food and drank a lot of wine (we needed more wine bottles to paint) but we did get out for a walk in the sunshine on Sunday so it wasn’t a total wash.  We also fed the new babies on my friend’s dairy because she couldn’t get out of doing chores two times in a row and since we are all expert calf feeders we helped.  I forgot how much work it is getting them to eat.  The newest one sucked his colostrum right down (I dubbed him Champ) and 2 out of the other 4 I tried to feed ate eventually.  Now I remember why I don’t do that for a living anymore, I just got my back normal again.

10 weeks to go and the next one will be interesting because I brought a lovely cold back with me. It was really fun to get away and spend time with friends though, I don’t do that enough since I moved across the country from most of them.  It was also really fun to drive through rural towns and see all the farms and cute houses.  I even go to drive past a feedlot that is for sale, which we are not close to ready to buy one yet, but it’s hard to pass one up that seems like a good fit.  Luckily I noticed it doesn’t have a house one the property so that makes it a lot easier to part with.  Also makes me wish I lived in a place with a better running trail, like the one we took our walk on.

Anyway, until next time happy running!

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