Week 1 of Training for SLO

First week of training is done!!! One perfect week down and 11 to go.  Well it was close to perfect.  I kept on the mileage, which I wasn’t expecting a problem with since I had worked up to and a little over that amount since the first of the year. Wednesday I could have cross trained like I planned on and had more of a work out, but I still ended up sore.  Here is a quick recap:

Monday: 3 steady miles.  Easy peasy, did 3.1 just for funsies.  I remember a time when I felt like running three miles was the farthest I would ever run and was so proud of myself.  Now look how far I have come, using it for a maintenance run!

Tuesday: 4 miles with the middle two being Fartlek (3 min faster, 2 min slower).  Call me crazy but I actually love the format of a Fartlek.  Since I live in Iowa where it is very cold, snowy and icy half of the year I do a lot of treadmill running.  Early on in my first training cycle I learned that speed workouts went the fastest (for obvious reasons) and easiest, probably because I was the most entertained.  Plus they really do help, I was quite a bit faster when I was following my training to a T and doing all the speed workouts.

Wednesday: Cross Training.  I intended to do a comprehensive whole week into one day version of BBG (Bikini Body Guide) for the 12 weeks of training, but I just had no extra energy on hump day so I did just a few rounds of easy bodyweight exercises to ease into things. 50 Squats, 25 push ups, 1 minute of planking (in two 30 second sections) and 10 commandos and I was exhausted.  Next week I will re-commit to the BBG idea.

Thursday: Rest day and carb loading.  I know, four miles hardly calls for carb loading, but I have heard that carb loading needs to be done further in advance than the night before so I’m going to try to incorporate that theory.  More on that later though.

Friday:  Another 3 mile maintenance run.  At this point I was questioning my carb loading theory because I feld sluggish and tired the entire run (then again I did overdo the carb loading by adding dessert to the menu also).

Saturday:  Long run day.  This early in training it’s hard to take this seriously but it will help get me in the habit for later on.  Got my favorite pre-run breakfast of coffee and a chocolate chip scone then went at it hoping to get done before the olympic trials so I could enjoy in recovery mode.  Not such a good plan.  Again I felt slow and wiped out for the first three miles.  The fourth was ok, and I managed to finish right before the men began.  Then I don’t know if it was adrenaline from watching the race or if my carb loading and breakfast finally kicked in but I felt great and ran an extra 6/10 of a mile faster than usual.  At that point though I honestly felt like I could go forever!! Maybe I should find old races to watch for future long runs inside?

Sunday:  The day of rest.  I was going to walk on the treadmill for a little bit but it felt off, so I called A down to look at it and we decided it was best if I stayed off it for the day.  He is on a mission to get some graphite type lubricant for the belt since it is so dirty down in the basement he thinks that will work better.  Plus after pulling off the cover to the motor and straightening the belt out a little, I vacuumed a coonhound worth of dog hair out of everything.  Can’t imagine that was helping it any.

As for fueling myself, I feel like I have definitely failed at getting enough protein so I tried to make myself make eggs when in doubt of what to eat.  Then on Saturday we went out for V-Day dinner hoping to avoid all the crowds and weather (both failed) and I had a nice amazing steak so that helped a little.  I also have been trying to incorporate string cheese as one of my snacks, feeling like apples and bananas are too carb and sugar rich.  We will see if it makes a difference.


Since I once again forgot to take a picture of any food before it was eaten, here is what a family photo looks like in our household.  Coonhound rarely sits still for more than a fraction of a second so we thought if we both held him in place and then held a treat so he would refrain from licking our faces the whole time we might get him to be still long enough.  The results are pretty funny with the two of us doing nothing but laughing at his expressions in the pictures we were taking.  He may look terrified in most of the pictures, but worry not it is really just a desperate stare at the treat in hopes that it will materialize into his mouth with enough doggie concentration.

One thought on “Week 1 of Training for SLO

  1. I love the dog’s facial expression- he looks alarmed! Great training week! Fuel can be tricky, I admit I do things that go against conventional running wisdom but they work for me. For example, I race on an empty stomach and try to avoid carbs before long runs. Unfortunately, I have poor will power and love pizza a little too much. 🙂


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