Winter Training Blues

So as January closes, the weather continues to be back and forth between unseasonably warm and freezing cold and snowy.  So either 30’s/40’s and muddy or snowy/windy and everyone shuts down.  It’s really been messing with my motivation. BUT I have been really good about staying on track with my eating healthy with good portion sizes and I have been running or walking regularly to prepare for my training.  This weekend I ran anywhere from 6 to 9 miles and I still have three months to go!! My current running watch is terribly inaccurate so I had told Adam (my husband) that I would like the Garmin Forerunner 230 for an upcoming Valentines day/Anniversary/Birthday gift.  So when I came home from work on Monday, he surprised me with it and a beautiful bouquet!!


How amazing is he!!  So I tested it out and it seemed to be waaaay more accurate and I declare myself ready for training for the SLO half!!  I will be honest I want to have as much fun as possible in the SLO half so I want to train as much as I normally should!  That being said, it’s been hard to find my motivation still and I think a lot of it comes from also eating less with the possibility that it is too much less.  I just have to keep in mind why I am doing this to myself and that it will be worth it later, even if it doesn’t feel like it now.  I followed a friend’s lead and made a motivation board for myself and I have to say I LOVE it!!  My coonhound promptly came in and smudged all the dry erase parts with his nose after I took this picture so it has been changed a little bit but it’s still generally the same.


I have found it really helpful to have a lot of the things that motivate me all in one spot that I can look at when I don’t feel like doing it.  If my motivation and energy is really so low that I can’t do more than a mile run or walk for 45 minutes or so then at least that’s better than nothing.

Stay tuned and I will keep you up to date on my official training when it starts next week!

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