You like to trash farmers and ranchers with information that was seemingly pulled out of your ass.  You like to use terrible images that look like they were taken in some unregulated third world slaughterhouse that you claim is every slaughterhouse in America.  You go undercover and find the worst of the worst and expose them in attempt to turn the whole world vegan.  You get people to sign up and take their money so that you can turn around and use it to fund your ad campaigns.  But you don’t really do anything.  You don’t actually help animals.  You make people think you do, but you really just stand by and do nothing and create false propaganda. You make farmers and ranchers out to be evil and greedy, when you are really talking about yourselves. You don’t do anything.  You sit by while you are undercover at whatever seedy farm/slaughterhouse you have found that mistreats animals and you tape it and do nothing.  There is an animal suffering right in front of you and you tape it for your own personal gains.  You let it happen and tape it so that you can make people feel sad and get them to give you their money.  Money that you then spend on paying executive staff and advertisements to spread your fear mongering propaganda.

What I want to know is what do you actually do to help animals?  Do you hand out pamphlets and protest and share slanderous posts on social media?  How does that help?  You say that you want everyone to eat vegan and spend the rest of their lives living in peace with animals.  I’m really impressed that you have found a way to end world hunger with beans and kale.  That is fantastic that you have found a solution to a problem that has existed since the beginning of mankind.  While us lowly commonfolk struggle to feed the billions of people in the world WITH animal protein, you have found a way to do it without and you selfishly don’t tell anyone how.  You are once again sitting around while (this time) people are mistreated and starving.

Furthermore, I want to know why you make yourselves look like morons while spreading images of perfectly healthy, normal animals and saying that they are suffering and abused.  Why don’t you educate yourself on how to raise animals so you know what a suffering animal actually looks like?  It’s really embarrassing when you show pictures of animals chewing their cud or just hanging out and you are over there hysterically crying that they are suffering.  I am embarrassed for you.  Why do you claim to know how to take care of animals better than the people doing it when you literally know nothing?  You don’t know what they eat, how they act, what breed they are or what their behaviors mean.  You don’t seem to actually care about them at all or you would know everything about them.  You can actually go to college and get a degree in Animal Science and even that is only the beginning of knowing how to take care of animals.  You don’t know how to help them when they are sick or injured and you sure as hell don’t pay for it either.  Farmers and ranchers barely make enough money to cover production costs and are lucky if they make a couple dollars of profit per head, and yet they spend hundreds, sometimes thousands on vet bills and medical care for these animals, because they don’t sit around and watch them suffer like you do

. PETAidiots.PNG

I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  We can prove that we know and care more about animals than you do.  We know everything about them and spend our personal money to take care of them.  You don’t really know much about them and you spend little to nothing of the (what millions?) that people give you and that celebrities donate on their actual care.  You claim to be helping animals but it is atrocious that your operating expenses and ad campaigns add up to more than what money actually helps animals.   There are dogs and cats starving and being put down and horses and livestock being neglected by people that we in the ag industry don’t support either and you are spending your money on a billboard?  Who is the real monster here?  Why don’t you spend more to HELP THE ANIMALS?  Farmers and ranchers spend out of their own pocket and you can’t even spend donated money, because you want others to do the hard work.  You want other people to spend their money and their time so you don’t have to and that is what makes you feel good about yourself.  You think if you convince one more person to sign up or donate money to a shelter and that makes is ok for the rest of the animals on the street to starve to death.  You think it’s more PROFITABLE to attack the animals that are already being fed and housed than to help the ones that are dying now.

I also assume that you will be buying all the livestock from the farms that you shut down and feeding them for the rest of their lives.  Do you know what happens to livestock when a farm has been attacked to the point that it has to shut down?  Do you even care?  What do you think happens to those animals?  Where does their next meal come from?  The farmer can’t feed them if he doesn’t have an income. Do you help?  Of course not!!  You have moved on to find your next hand out.  You should really be ashamed of yourselves and the morals you say you have.  If you really cared you would do something.  But you don’t, you just act like you care so that you can sleep at night thinking that you saved all the little bunnies and lambies in the world by handing out that pamphlet and protesting that county fair.

Really though if you want to do something that makes a difference you have to do something that you have probably never done before, it’s called MANUAL LABOR.  Go feed the animals, doctor them when they are sick and check on them every day to make sure they are healthy.  Yes you will have to work 24/7. Every. Goddamn. Day.  You don’t get to take holidays or weekends or bad weather days off.  Unless you want the animals to not eat and get sicker that day.  Learn what the hell you are talking about before you go making a fool out of yourself.  Also, for the love of God, stop sitting around doing nothing when you see abuse or that makes you as bad as the person abusing.  Farms, ranches, dairies, poultry facilities, slaughterhouses and any other facility that houses and raises animals is under strict regulations regarding animal health and welfare and human health and safety.  If you see abuse report it.  If it’s really happening then you can do something about it to STOP and PREVENT abuse.  Prove that you care more about the animals than the profits.  PROVE IT.

If you want to be all high and mighty then you have to prove that you are right.  No one is going to take you seriously if you spread false information because you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You don’t do anything to actually prove that you care, you let and actually help thousands of animals starve and get euthanized every day.  Why should anyone even give you money if they know it’s just going to go into the pocket of your CEO and that sad TV commercial?


Next time you are protesting a bull riding or trashing FFA or farming or whatever the hell you are doing I want you to seriously ask yourself and wonder:  Who actually has more time/money/labor invested into feeding and housing and taking care of the animals involved? How can you ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY help?  What is protesting actually doing?  I will leave you with this infographic. PETAKILLS.PNG

6 thoughts on “Dear PETA

  1. Although I personally don’t support PETA the way you’ve wrote about your frustration with them showing images and not doing anything is self contradictory and ignorant. PETA are making people talk. They’re raising the discussion about animal welfare and how animals are treated in agriculture – so yes they do show pictures of the abuse because that’s what they aim to stop. You yourself may not participate in this but then it’s up to you to promote this. PETA and other activists won’t stop taking photos like the ones featured in your post until there’s nothing to take a photo of. Also incase you haven’t guessed already I’m a vegan and I think that when you tag this post as ‘vegan’ you should be aware of who your audience is. I’m entitled to my view as much as you are to yours but you should really try to make a valid and contingent argument in the future; Unlike in this post where you’ve done exactly what you’re accusing PETA of.


    • I respect your right to your opinion. I’m just tired of being attacked for mine. People who raise animals have the common goal with PETA of good treatment for animals. They want them healthy and fed and then (in our case) slaughtered as humane as possible. I would just prefer associations like PETA with all their presence and money to actually do something to help instead of attacking people who have healthy content animals that are already being cared for. But most people don’t even listen to us because they have been convinced we are evil. I wote that mostly because I have no answers for the questions I asked, and most supporters of PETA that have been confronted with those questions don’t either. Like I pointed out, mistreatment of animals is not tolerated in the ag industry either and there are means to report and stop it.

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      • This is the last thing I’ll comment on your post but the people that are convinced that you are ‘evil’ most likely don’t agree with the fact that animals are apart of an industry that uses animals as a means to an end; regardless how ‘humanely’ you ‘slaughter’ them. As far as PETA is concerned I think they’d prefer for animals not to be bred to be sold as meat but as I’ve already said I have no association to that group.


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