An actual scientific article in Cosmo?!?!

In a shocking new development to me, as well as probably the rest of the world, Cosmopolitan magazine has released an article that is actually referenced by real science!!  I was pleasantly surprised to read this article by self proclaimed “SciBabe” (Yvette D'Entremont) that is full of truth, wisdom, science and humor.  She covers the basics on why GMO, Organic and excessively restrictive diets are bulls!@# and how a well balanced diet based off of each individual’s specific needs is more realistic.


I don’t want to plagiarize or get in trouble, but I do want to share it with everyone and highly recommend reading it.  It points out a lot of facts that are usually (conveniently) left out when discussing these issues with people that have ulterior motives or closed-mindedness.  I am hoping to go more in depth with most of the areas discussed in this article in the future of this blog but until then happy reading!

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