Running on Ranching: What does it mean??

Some of you may have noticed that I have changed my blog name.  Already.  I know, but give me a break I am new to this world and I am just trying to get settled.  I have been giving a lot of thought to my tag line “the modern rancher’s daughter” and wondering what exactly it means.  Well it means that I grew up on a ranch, learned how to drive a tractor before I was 10 then when I did learn how to drive a vehicle it was an 84 ford with a manual transmission and little to no power steering.  However, I also (now) have a cell phone, iPad, computer and a blog among other determinedly “non traditional” ranch things.

I also went to college in a (big to me) city and now live in town.  Against my will.  Over the past few years since moving to Iowa I have also taken up the hobby of running.  By no means am I fit but I am always making an attempt to get there.  One thing that always hurts my soul a little is when I am really into a new blog or fitness professional and I think they are really great, aaannndddd then they say that meat (usually especially beef) is the Devil, and dairy should be avoided by all humans that have teeth etc.  Cue me slowly backing away and shaking my head in shame.

I am not here to force meat and dairy down anyone’s throat, people have the right to choose to eat whatever they want.  I do have a problem when people use fear mongering and unsupported, supposed “facts” to convince others what they should and should not eat.  I get really angry when people begin to attack the very people that sacrifice an easy life to feed them.  NOT OK.  Meats and dairy products have amazing nutritional benefits, they also have downfalls sometimes.  Just like some fruits and vegetables do.  I truly believe the best diet of all time, is one that is truly balanced based off of every individual's preferences and needs.  

That being said, I think I know what the true meaning of being a modern rancher’s daughter is (or really a modern rancher).  It is balance.  I want to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.  I want to show the masses that farmers and ranchers are normal people with like hobbies and souls and stuff they are commonly thought to be lacking.  I want to show people that GMO, non organic, barely cooked red meat and full fat dairy products are safe and humane.   I also would like to reassure the producers that consumers can be immersed in adverse culture with conflicting messages and still have the ability to make smart, informed choices when armed with the right information.  

It’s not a war, it is a symbiotic relationship.  Both producers and consumers need each other for survival.  So I plan on taking all of you (assuming there is anyone even reading this) through the trial and error of training, cooking, ranching and general living.  Bear with me and be kind.

 I would like to leave you with this parting thought:

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