Looking forward to the Future

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted a position as a Beef Cattle Production Specialist with Purina.  I started this past Monday and I have to say I think this is the best decision I have ever made.  I have been searching for something I can make a career out of since I graduated from college three years ago.  First I spent two years trying my hand at calving cows.  I loved that…most of time.  It was really rewarding welcoming thousands of calves into the world, especially when it involved an epic save of some sort.  I love what I learned there and love the feeling that I can pull calves at any level of difficulty and I know all kinds of tricks to revive them if they are having difficulty starting to breathe.  The less fun part was the race against time to try and get calves out of the -40 weather before they (or I) freeze to death, while fighting the angry cow who is trying to kill us both.  Also the cold.  The aforementioned -40 temperatures are not a walk in the park either.  

So I tried to move inside where the work environment was a little more friendly.  I ended up as a “domestic shipping agent” sending frozen semen and embryos all over the united states.  The conditions were a little better.  Somehow dealing with liquid nitrogen was only slightly warmer than being outside in the negative temperatures (most of the time).  Once again there were a lot of pros and cons with that position.  I learned exactly how much I could multitask and juggle at one time.  My stress level, however was through the roof.  Client names and cane codes would repeat through my head all night long and I would wake up in a panic worried about how much I had to do the next day.  When my phone would ring I would cringe and fight the urge to go hide.  It wasn’t working.   I wanted to see the clients and the cattle in real life.  I wanted to be able to travel and leave my desk without causing a company wide panic.

Then a friend who I had talked to about a position working at Purina before I moved into the office contacted me and asked if I was still interested.  I said that I was, and five interviews, three lunches and a day of feedlot school later and I accepted the job.  Of course I was a little hesitant about such a big change, especially since I have never considered a job in sales before but I was excited for the change simultaneously.  Growing up we never had extra money sitting around to use on gimmicks or trends.  I never wanted to be the “used car salesman” that just tried to sell product at any cost and would work product placement into any conversation.   I want to help people, in a genuine way, where they had a system that worked for them. This fear was quickly squashed by some of the regional managers that I met later in the week.  They ignited the fire again and got me excited about working in this field again.  

I am really excited to actually get out in the field and meet with the producers and see the cattle first hand.  I am even more excited for the fun travels and events that I will get to attend, even if they are just small trips to the Twin Cities for training or to St. Louis to show clients the research farm.  In fact one of the coolest features about this new company is that they want me to grow within the company and be well balanced in life.  They will support and help me attend events that I want to go to for myself such as expos and conventions. Who knows, maybe a Graduate degree is in my future.  The point is, I am excited about this new opportunity and the work that I will now be doing.  Think of it as a beef nutritionist with a little bit of manager on the side.  I will be taking feed samples and using that information to run new rations or come up with a supplement that fits the current ration.   I will go to feedlots and farms and drive through the cattle, scoring bunks and body conditions.  On occasion I will even be there when cattle are getting weighed and processed and put together research data.

In any case, wish me luck and I will keep you updated on life as a Beef Nutritionist!!

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