Nursing School Bound!

Once again it has been way too long since I have posted anything.  I was kind of keeping it mum until everything was official and everyone that needed to know already knew.  So here it is:  I’m going to nursing school!!  That’s right I am quitting my job to go back to school starting next month.  It has been a year of craziness since Adam broke his arm.  Between all the appointments and being unhappy in a sales position with a lot of prep work in between it is finally happening.  

Pre-Req’s weren’t too bad to cover since I already have an entire bachelor’s degree in a science field.  I had a couple of different routes I could have gone, but ultimately I chose the method that wasn’t going to end me in crazy student debt and that I will be able to get through quickly.  I also opted not to do the accelerated BSN for those that already have a BS because honestly I am already afraid I am not going to be able to keep up with classes as it is.

I have been having a lot of fun getting prepared to go back to school including stocking up on school supplies while I still have a job and getting a new computer (well that part is pure Luxury so I don’t have to carry around my heavy, slow, prone to freezing computer from the last time I was in school).


I have also been doing a ton of research on how to survive the curriculum and how to be the most organized and efficient.  I have invested in an appointment style planner hoping to block off class times and use it to squeeze in study blocks and force myself to study.  I have also come up with a crazy idea to make my own NCLEX essential information study book. I have a discbound notebook and hole punch and I got a laminator (seriously, dreams do come true) and I am going to laminate pages with essential information that I will need to know backwards and forward for the NCLEX.  I am hoping to summarize most classes into a few pages of the most essential information and throw those in there and just add to it as I go over the two years.  Ideally I would also read through it regularly as time permits so that I don’t panic when it comes time to really study and answer practice questions for the NCLEX.File_001.jpegFile_004.jpeg

I just hope I’m not to old to pull this off and that I can make it through in one piece.  All the research and preparation in the world won’t really be able to get me ready for what I hear nursing school is like so I will just have to work hard. File_003.jpeg

We also traded in our pick up for a more gas friendly car and ended up with a Jeep Cherokee that gets great gas mileage and has remote start!  Hopefully that will make commuting in the winter more bearable.  Once I am done with school I’m not really sure where we are going to go next.  I want to move back west, at least into sight of the mountains again.  Then again I don’t know where we will be at in our lives two years from now and what kind of specialty I will want to go into.  I think Flight Nursing, Operating Room Nursing, or Genetic Nursing would be the most ideal fields for my interest but we will just have to see what clinicals are like when I get there.

In other exciting news I am also getting LASIK next week!! Ahh I really hope I don’t go blind!  But it will be really nice to get out of glasses, which I have been stuck in for the past couple weeks as you can’t wear contacts leading up to LASIK and I won’t have to deal with irritating contacts anymore either.

Next week will be really exciting, I start off getting my surgery, then I will have my last day of work right up until the time where I fly home for my grandparent’s 60th Anniversary.  I am really excited to see everyone, most of the family is going to be there and this will be the first time we have (mostly) all been together since the 50th anniversary!  Also I am looking forward to maybe hiking a little and riding my horse.  However I might be limited by those two activities by my eyes.  We will see how I recover and if I can be around that much dust and jostling.  Anyway that’s all I have for now and I am really excited for what is to come and what the rest of this week holds!


”I don’t go looking for trouble, trouble usually finds me”

Recap of my weekend in Los Angeles!! Such a fun trip, I never wanted the weekend to end.  According to my calculations I was in California for 37 hours and I slept for 6 of those.  It was a little rough.  First off I woke up at 4 am to get to Omaha in time for my 7:40 flight.  Get there, park, get through security annndddd see my flight has been delayed until 10 am.  Definitely not going to make my connection at that point.  I go, stand in two lines forever to get on a different flight and get one through Denver (instead of SF) that leaves at 1:20.  Awesome now I have 6 hours to kill.  In a normal airport terminal it might not be a big deal because they have restaurants and like spas and shopping and stuff.  Not so in Omaha.  They have one island in the middle of the terminal that is a Scooters on one side and a bar on the other.  Really considered starting at the bar at this point, but didn’t want to part with my money so soon.  Instead I bought a big bag of chex mix to have for breakfast that would also end up being my lunch because of the stupid United terminal in Denver.  Finally touch down in LA at 4:30 (only 3 hours late) and get there right in time for rush hour!! Luckily the flight with the rest of the group was also delayed on the tarmac so there wasn’t a huge gap between us.  Quick stop at BevMo and then we headed to the coolest apartment ever in downtown LA.


Thank god everyone was hungry so we changed and then headed to the Times square of LA for dinner at a place called Yardhouse (I think).  Now this may not be exciting for many, but I was super excited to be so close to all the fun stuff.  We were only a block or two away from the Staples center and all kinds of shopping and restaurants, which is pure bliss for someone who lives in BF Iowa where you have to drive 45 min just to get Starbucks.  Sadly the weather was not what I demanded it be in LA in April so it was a little chilly walking back to the apartment where we warmed up with Champagne and cards against humanity before abandoning it mid game to decorate our Bridal Mischief Management Team shirts.  Then knowing we had a big day of fun planned the next day we went to bed at a reasonable 1 am (a mere 24 hours after I woke up that morning).


Next morning we started off our day by heading down to the Art district to have breakfast at the Urth Cafe with probably 90% of LAPD, LA Sheriff’s department and a couple LAFD. After eating the best chocolate croissant ever we of course had to stop and see some of the cool wall art on display.

Naturally we had to be all artsy and thoughtful and take pictures with/of the cool ones.  I got to pose in front of my second set of wall wings, which if I do say so myself these are prettier than the ones in Nashville, just because I love the bright colors.  Also I was considerable less awkward with my hands!



So inspirational.  Next we were off to Universal!!  Excited is probably an understatement, I have probably wanted to go to Hogwarts or a Hogwarts replica since I was 11 and started reading the books so it was really magical to see the things I had been reading about and imagining for so long in a physical form.  It was also a little weird seeing all these cool, rustic buildings with snow on them while walking around in a t-shirt and being perfectly comfortable.  But it was beautiful and I could probably easily live there if it was allowed.  After a few photo ops, we went on the main ride, which turned out to be the longest line of the day but it gave us a chance to see the inside of the castle and the earmuffs that supposedly were actually worn in the movie! So that was a really cool opportunity to imagine what being in a real castle would be like, even though I am sure this castle was a fraction of the size of a real castle!File_007.jpeg

A lot of it was hard to get a good photo of because of angles, lighting, size or placement in general.  But after the ride which was super impressive BTW they do a really good job of making them really realistic and cool, we did some shopping.  Naturally we had to buy wands for those that didn’t already have them and then BUTTERBEER and FIREWHISKEY!!!  I have been waiting for that moment my whole life!!  We decided to get the frozen butterbeer and a shot/double shot of firewhiskey to mix in there.  Then we got lunch at the three broomsticks, which had traditional HP meals (aka British) and were a ton of food!! I got the beef and lamb stew in a bread bowl and that was one of the smaller meals.  I could have also got a half a chicken with a cob of corn and a salad or one of their other huge meals.  Go hungry or with someone who wants to share with you! But as far as park food goes, it was really good and not just something fried so that’s a bonus!


Naturally after eating a traditional, Harry Potter style feast we were off to do more rides!!  Thanks to the matching bachelorette shirts and some smooth talking we pretty much hopped the line on all the rest of the rides. We went on Transformers, the mummy, the simpsons (not the best), and the studio tour.  I do have to say I think Universal is really good at making rides where you don’t even really go anywhere but thanks to special effects and proper tilting/wind pressure it feels like you are.  Also the studio tour is a godsend for tired people everywhere.  If you can do like we did and do it toward the end of the day with minimal line time then it’s like an hour or so of sitting in the shade off your feet yet still being entertained. File_007.jpeg

Once we had enough fun we decided to head home and get ready for the night but we couldn’t leave without getting some VooDoo Doughnuts!! It’s a new addition to their boardwalk and just like the original it had a ridiculous line. However I had to seize the opportunity to get some Jamba Juice so I did that while the other half of the group graciously stood in line for Doughnuts.  I did do what I could and sniped a table with some chairs by the entrance while they were there so they could sit for a second when they came out, that’s nice right?File_002.jpeg

Then we exhaustively went to the grocery store for some water and mixers before heading home to get ready for the night of celebration.  After the strongest Tequila shots ever we headed to an Urban industrial farm restaurant (I will just let you imagine what that would be yourself) and had yet more amazing food, followed by some bar drinks, more cards against humanity (but less sober this time) and another reasonable bed time of 1 am.  Then I was back up at 3 am to catch a 5 something flight!  Yay exhaustion!


I don’t remember much but I know I made it home and slept a very long time and after two days at work I was back on the road.  This time to Brookings for a work meeting at SDSU including a tour of their beef facilities, which are very new and very nice. I saw some cute babies and even a baby with cleft palate, which is one of the one deformities I had never seen before. File_001.jpeg

Needless to say it has been a very busy few days and I am hoping to spend the next week or two relaxing until the next round.  The same as last year, this year May will be a crazy time.  I am going to St. Louis for work the first week and the second I will be back in California for Bren Bren’s wedding!  Just have to make it through Marathon Monday and getting my dress altered and then some boring work days and meetings and the fun can begin.

I shall leave you with my future residence that is everything I have ever wanted in life.  It’s a Harry Potter themed Starbucks!!


Spring 2017: I’m still alive!

Ok I know I have been slacking in the blog department lately. Truth is I haven’t really had much to blog about and since it’s a pseudo way to keep my family up to date I haven’t written much.  I am still running and working out, but I don’t really have any races planned this year.  I might do a 10k but that’s about it.  First of all I picked up a part time job that is every other weekend, so that limits things tremendously.  Second I have like 5 out of state personal events this year so I don’t have much spare time or money for any races.  Maybe if I don’t have to work I will do Sioux Falls again but that will probably be the only half this year.  

So running wise there is not much to report on other than I still am able to run.

I recently began the Kayla Itsines BBG 12 week (plus 4 weeks of pre-workout workouts) again so I will probably not run too much for the first half of that since it leaves my legs in pain for 4 days after leg day.  I am hoping to do at least a “long” run time wise on the weekends and maybe later on a speed/HIIT workout during the week.  Really though I just want to actually make it through the program all the way for real this time and do the LISS every day.  Baby steps.

In other news I gave up soda 29 days ago and it’s really not so bad.  I thought I would crave it more but really I just miss it when I’m bored, at which point I just chug a bottle of water and then I don’t want it anymore.

I do hope to get back to blogging more, and I do have some fun things to blog about coming up.  In addition to updates on how I am coming along with BBG I will also be (hopefully) writing about:

  1. Bachelorette trip to the Wonderful World of Harry Potter (a name I can never get right, I just say I’m going to Hogwarts) in early April (only 9 more days!!!)
  2. Wedding in California in May, in the Davis area so I will be able to see lots of people and things that I have been missing terribly over the last 4 years.
  3. Wedding in Michigan in June, which we are driving to and hopefully stopping and not getting shot in Chicago on the way, since that is all anyone has to say about Chi town.
  4. Grandparent’s 60th anniversary back in Bieber at the end of July, where I hope to stay for a longer amount of time than I have in the past few years.  I want to ride my horse again and hike Mt. Lassen for the 3rd time and just actually relax back home.  I can pretend I am in high school again and it’s summer and I have no responsibilities beyond chores and taking care of steers/heifers/sheep for fairs.
  5. Cousin’s wedding in Northern Nevada in September.  Seriously could people spread out the love and not all get married in the same year? JK it will be fun to see my extended family 3x in one year!! That never happens!

So there are some events that will keep things exciting.  I might also work more on decorating/updating the house.  I don’t know if I ever blogged about the hell that was painting the hallway this winter, but you don’t need to be tortured as much as I was and I don’t want to have to re-live it.  So about Thanksgiving time I will probably have forgotten how much it sucks enough to try to tackle another part of the house.

Also hopefully there will be some more exciting changes come August, but I can’t give specifics about that yet. Mostly because I don’t know them and everything could change in an instant.


I leave you with these beautiful shots of some crafting I have done lately.  I might have to just do stuff more often because it doesn’t always turn out as horrible as I think it will.  

Coming soon!

I haven’t abandoned blogging, I swear!! I just haven’t been doing much of interest lately.  I do have plans to live more exciting coming up soon though.  I shall:

-Recap my trip back home for Christmas break

-Hash out my 2017 goals and plans

-Structure future workout/training plans and make them real so I have some accountability

-Try to remember what needs catching up on since it has been so long since I posted

So in short, hang in there, I will have more posts coming soon!

September Update

Since I haven’t been blogging much this month either a September update (post half) seems appropriate.   It was a very busy month, we had four weddings and a funeral to attend so most weekends were pretty much full.  Running wise, I have been keeping it casual this month.  Not doing too much and trying to decide what I want to do from here.  The usual struggle.  I probably won’t run another race until spring so I have a long time and a lot I want to work on.  A friend is doing a half in Chicago in January (brr) which I kind of want to do but Adam says Chicago is too crime-y and doesn’t want me to go.  However I might keep that date in the calendar and plan a training plan like I’m going to run a race that day anyway, then switch into hardcore training for a spring race and ideally I would be faster and fitter than ever before, ha!

We will see if that happens, I have planned less far fetched things that haven’t panned out before.  I am kind of liking the new Nike app though, I know everyone says they hate it but that’s just because it’s different.  The new coach is a lot more advanced than it was before, and while I don’t like that it changes right before so I can’t plan more than a week ahead, that’s probably better anyway.  It also gives paces so you have an idea where you need to be.  Since I don’t do moderation well, I have a list of things I want to work on through the 18 week cycle.  Luckily it starts off REALLY slow and small so I can acclimate as I go instead of just jumping in all at once.

  1. Keeping slow/easy days SLOW and EASY.  Like, “why am I even out here?” slow. Then on pace days, work really hard on pushing the pace and hitting the paces that I am supposed to.  Should be easy because I went REALLY SLOW yesterday, right? Right?!
  2. Strength!!  I know I say this ever time, but I really want to be better and do something at least once or twice a week.  I did also challenge myself to a One-up-October challenge where I start at the beginning of the month (I forgot on the 1st so I started on the 2nd) with a 25 second plank, 25 pushups, and 25 squats and increase it by one every day.  So far I have done 3 days!! I was going to do increase it by 5 every day, but I can barely do 25 (girl or lay down) push ups, let alone 100.  So I’m starting small and keeping it doable and then next month if I have kept up, I will either keep it going or make the moves more challenging.
  3. Stretching!  This is something I NEVER do, but I really need to because my legs get really tight and then my calves always feel like I need to stretch them constantly while I’m running and it DRIVES ME CRAZY.
  4. Form drills.  This is a new one but it goes hand in hand with the first two, it’s about making small changes that will have big payoff in the end.  I am trying to not only build stamina here, but to get faster so I need to improve overall.  
  5. Drink more water!! I get super bad side aches and I don’t know what causes them, so I figure between the core work I will be doing and the not being dehydrated thing, I should eliminate them.
  6. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.  I know you have heard this before, but I had an ah-ha moment with it recently.  I have been watching Kelly Robert’s of Run Selfie Repeat on her blog journey to qualify for boston and she said something about thinking you are tired and need to walk but really you aren’t tired, you are just uncomfortable.  I never thought of it that way and I realized that I do that all the time!  I need to be way better at forcing myself forward through the discomfort and just do what I need to do and be done.

I realize none of that was a recap, so here is what I have been up to.

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding.  I realized that I really don’t photograph well.  I felt like I was a lot smaller than I have been and that I was going to look so good in these pictures, and then they came back and I looked twice as big as I did in person and exactly the same as 90% of the other pictures I have ever taken in my life.  WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LOOK THE SAME?  The camera does not ever reflect when I lose weight.  I even tried before and after pictures for the year, since I have been counting calories and being mindful and what not and the before and after pictures look the same even though I can fit into smaller clothes now.  What the hell gives?  It’s not fair.  Whatever, I just won’t even try to take pictures of myself from not on I guess.


Then I went out shooting with Adam, and got to shoot my rifle that I haven’t shot in over a year.  I did really good!! I wasn’t so much focusing on trying to hit the center of the target as I was trying to pull the trigger when I exhale and not anticipate the shot and pull up like I tend to do, so considering that and all 8 of my shots hit the target at 100 yards, I’m really proud of myself!



I got my first PSL of the season, HUGE milestone.  Fall is here.


Coonhound was adorable as usual.  He keeps getting cuter and cuter.  I swear he is the benjamin button of puppies and will remain adorable forever while Adam and I slowly age and wrinkle.  Again, life is not fair.



Also I am starting to make a change in my life, so I am taking a couple classes online and at night so that will be keeping me busy as well.  Hopefully I can share more about that in a few months (less than a year, I promise).  

Sioux Falls Half Marathon!!

Ok so I have to admit I loved this race more than I thought I would.  Not like I expected to hate it, but it’s just not usually in my normal locale of fun places that I sign up for races at just for an excuse to travel.  It was also the first race that I got to sleep in my own bed the night before, which I thought would be awesome but for some reason I did not sleep very well at all.  Maybe an hour or two of fitful napping.  I don’t know if it was nerves or what, but it sucked getting up at 4 am to get ready.  We did go to a wedding the night before, so while I was in Sioux Falls picking up my packet I got my hair and makeup done.


Then came race morning!! Another thing that I was really excited about is that Adam would be going with me, which this is only the second race that he has attended so that was really exciting.  He drove me there and said goodbye and wished me luck as I went to get in my corral and he waved to me as I went through the start AND cheered me on as I came back through the finish.  It was awesome.  Anyway on to the recap!!

Start:  This race is on the smaller side but still not tiny.  It starts and finishes inside the Arena at the convention center which means a couple things.  1) Real bathrooms (but the lines were still too long for me to attempt). 2) It’s inside so warm while you are just standing there waiting nervously. 3) Ample seating and standing room for spectators right there next to the starting line. 4) Spectators can just hang out and check out what remains of the expo and not be stressed about finding a finish line or missing their person.

My plan was to try and go out slow, but not too slow, but maybe stick with the last pacer since he will be going slightly faster than a lot of my long runs and slightly slower than some of my speed workouts so it should be the time to push myself right? Well that didn’t quite work out as planned.  I don’t know if my watch was right or not, but for the three miles I kept up with him the first two were about a minute faster than he was supposed to be doing which is also a little faster than I could maintain for 13 miles.  I was already sucking wind a little and didn’t want to completely bonk so I tried to pull back and keep it slower than that and steady.  I also tried to keep it going up the hills, which weren’t bad they were very mild considering so that was nice.  

I came through the 10k right on track but then around my stomach started growling and was completely empty.  Oops.  But the scenery was pretty going through Falls park and downtown and all the other parks so that was a good distraction.  I didn’t take ANY pictures because I was just wanting to stay focused and plug along and listen to my podcast which I think made a world of difference.  

Adam Update:  He is meanwhile hanging out, finding my name on the Toyota truck and recovering from yelling at the guy who was standing next to him and shouting into his phone and waving his arms while the guy on stage was trying to say a prayer.  He also had a few other interesting interactions with spectators and got to watch the 5k finish and the first finishers for the Marathon and Half Marathons, which he kept me updated on so I could enjoy it after the race on snapchat.

But back to the race.  So like I said I was plugging along just trying not to hit the wall.  Around mile 10 my feet were definitely on fire and not in a good way and my podcast had ended so I was on to music.  My empty stomach was now angry that I wasn’t feeding it and it started cramping a little.  With all these things added up I did start to slow down a little bit.  I pretty much figured I wasn’t going to hit my goal of PR’ing so I just tried to finish comfortably and not push it.

I kept going as long as I could and tried to find my second wind in the last 5k.  I did manage to pass a bunch of people on a slight decline and make up a little time from before.  I kept telling myself to just make it to 10…then 11… then 12… then 12.5 and then I could just leave it all out there.  So I kept trying to “leave it all out there” and I would run out of energy a couple minutes later.  Finally around mile 12.5 I did decide to finish strong so I just upped the pace every time I thought about stopping again.  I knew where it ended and like usual it seemed to take FOREVER to find the finish line, but I just kept telling myself to catch the person in front of me and pick them off next and just kept doing that until I turned the corner into the finish.  Once there Adam was standing outside the building just as I came around and when I turned to wave at him I saw some guy was about to pass me right at the end so I kicked it up a little more so he wouldn't beat me at the last and HE DIDN’T!

Then I went and died along the bleachers for a few seconds and got in line to get all the food/goodies.  They were just lined up along the side and then Adam was back out where he left me that morning which was really close and easy to find.  So that was that, I survived!!

I didn’t realize at the time how many notable things happened during this race until I was thinking about it after.

  1. I did not get to the point around miles 8-9-10-11 where I wanted to die/give up/cry etc like I usually do, I just kept chugging along.  I was still in pain yes, but it wasn’t as bad as usual and my brain wasn’t as much of a road block as usual.
  2. I actually without knowing came within 1 minute of my “PR” which I use loosely.  So what Nike was telling me was my half PR was actually from a 13.01 mile training run two weeks before my first half that was just back and forth along a completely flat trail and not a full half.  Then in my first half, which is my fastest I remember at one point I paused my watch to stretch and then forgot to start it right away.  So even though they are only .03 of a mile off in length (13.17 vs. 13.20) I was only a minute behind that race.  So I might have PR’d but not officially on paper.  And not by the huge margin I was hoping for.  So that’s really cool. I need to pay better attention in the future, if I had known that I had a bigger window I would have pushed harder and shaved a couple minutes off.
  3. I loved having Adam there and that it was so close and easy to find him at the finish.  Also the truck was parked pretty close and thanks to forward thinking and super tinted windows I could change in the back so I didn’t feel as gross because Adam wanted to wander around the Pawn/Gun shop across the street until it was closer to time to get lunch.


And as I have said in previous posts, we planned on going to Five Guys after, which is now kind of our tradition and it was AMAZING.  We got a giant paper bag full of fries and we were their #01 customer at 11 am.  Technically we were second because they start counting with 00, but I like the sound of #01 better.


So there you have it.  I spent the rest of Sunday resting and eating and wishing I would have taken the day off on Monday.  I probably won’t run too much next week because I am a bit sore and have a few work trips, but I want to get back into in and get my pace down so I can come back strong in the spring.

Last week of Training!

While that’s not 100% accurate, this is actually the second to last week before the marathon not the last, I figure I will probably spend all of the next post talking about the race itself.  So time for last-ish week of training and taper craziness!!

I got back to training this week.  I didn’t run long or particularly much last week after my speed workout because my hamstring would get sore after a few minutes of running.  Apparently despite being super inspired by the olympics it is still not a great idea to do all out sprint intervals in the middle of a run for the sake of seeing how fast you can go.  So I kept it simple so I didn’t actually injure myself for race day.  

Monday: I was feeling better early this week and I wanted to try my new shoes so I got back into it with 3 miles in my new Brooks!!  Aside from the normal calf soreness that comes with wearing new shoes I love them!! They are so cushioned and comfy and purple and blue so it’s like a match made in heaven.

Tuesday: 5 mile speed run.  Since I loved my 800’s last week I decided to really go for it this week and did a little Road to Burrito flashback and did the sprint day from day 2.  So 1 mile warm up, then 7 (or was it 8?) sets of 10 sec sprint, 20 sec recovery, 20 sec sprint, 40 sec recovery, 30 sec sprint, 60 sec recovery and then 60 seconds of easy recovery before starting over again. Then I finished it out with a ¾ mile cool down.

Wednesday: Rest and feeding my new found Pretty Little Liars addiction.  I remember getting started watching it as it started airing and getting frustrated by the pace, but it’s great for bingeing.

Thursday: 3 miles again.  I don’t 100% remember the Nike training program which I lost when they updated their app so I have to go off of memory here and I think this week is taper week so I’m keeping it really easy the next two weeks so I can try and go a little faster than normal long run pace (but faster than short and speed runs) as my pace for the actual race.  More on that later though.

Friday: Another rest day, but I worked on a solid plan for my last long run tomorrow.

Saturday: 8 steady miles. Ok so my plan wasn’t exactly revolutionary.  I just wanted to start as slow as possible and try for negative splits and consistent times all around. I’m indifferent on how it turned out.  I started out slow enough (it felt excruciatingly slow) and just focused on plodding along and trying to hold the dog back the first 4 miles.  Then I wanted to pick up the pace the last 4 miles.  On average I did a tiny bit, but not like it was supposed to.  This is why I never start out so slow because I am always afraid I am going to run out of steam and not be able to hit negative splits and then just end up super slow anyway. I don’t know if I need to go even slower at first or just work on my endurance or what. I did walk A LOT less, but only cut 2 minutes off of my last 8 mile run.  I may need to focus on this over the winter.

Sunday: Rest, duh.  

Other weekly highlights include washing my running partner.  He was not happy during, as usual, but after we let him run around outside to dry off a bit more in the large grassy area next to the was out and he was SOOOO happy!! Snapchat failed me and didn’t save the video I took, but he was running in giant circles at full speed just going as far around as we would let him before calling him back and then he would turn around and absolutely gallop the other direction with lips flapping and ears streaming out like he was about to take off for a quick flight to Europe.  So happy.


I also made my crack scones!!  I don’t know if I have ever explained my obsession with Chocolate Chip scones, but back in April the coffee shop were I would get coffee and a scone before every long run (and a lot of days before work) shut down and I have not been able to find a CC Scone nearly that good since.  It has been a real struggle and I am so sad that the only coffee shop in town closed.  Anyway, I found a recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction (if you have never been I recommend it, all the recipes are amazing) and I have now made it twice.  It is basically just a Chocolate Chip Scone with some Cinnamon in it and it always tastes so much better than anything I expect to make!! It’s not quite as good as what I would buy, not to mention scones aren’t exactly quick and easy to make.  But they are a good substitute until hopefully someone else opens up in town and gets scones from the exact same place.  DISCLOSURE:  I am not a photographer and they look much better in person and on her website!!


Also in exciting news, I got swag in the mail!!  Remember a few weeks ago I was doing these crazy Road to Burrito workouts?  Well I didn’t win the full swag with shoes and everything, but I did get honorable mention so I got a bag with some goodies including a Picky Bar which I have been wanting to try if only they sold them out here and bonus it is Cookie Dough flavored which is like the best flavor ever!!  So that is really cool and a huge thank you to Alysia Montano for arranging that and making it all possible!


August Update

So much has happened since I wrote last!!! I am the worst blogger ever!  I’m sorry I just got so caught up with summer and everything going on.  I am still working on training for Sioux Falls and Adam is healing from his broken arm still.  Also since the last time:  I went to Nashville, I went to Chris Stapleton, THE OLYMPICS (which I became obsessed with), my parents came to Iowa for a few days and I got a haircut!!

So I won’t bog you down with like four weeks of training logs, but I did take a little time off in the middle.  I had a good 8 mile speed workout right before I left for Nashville, and then I didn’t run in Nashville (uh, vacation?) and then I had a sucky cold when I got back.  So I did have two weeks of not running and just eating and it was fabulous.

So first event.  Chris Stapleton!!  We heard he was going to be coming to town a few days before and since he is awesome we decided that we wanted to go.  Adam was going to be in a cast still and we had be dealing with all of that so this seemed like a fun little break from reality. All I have to say is that if you are considering going to see him but not sure, just do it.  He is amazing and sounds just as amazing live as he does on the radio.  His wife goes up with him and plays an instrument that I don’t know what it is and lends vocals.  They even stopped not once but twice to have people move aside for paramedics to come into the crowd and take people away.  It was such a fun date night.


Second event is Nashville!!  So I have a friend that is getting married in September and she wanted to do a girls weekend to Nashville so we just hopped in her Buick Park Avenue or whatever and drove all day to head down to Nashville.  We didn’t really plan much other than a hotel near uptown because, well the two I went with are not really planners and plan followers.  So we went and we went to bars for three days!!  We did other things too, but we quickly discovered that uptown, not far from where we were staying is where the locals go and the bars there were a lot cooler and the drinks were a lot cheaper.  So while we did go to the touristy bars again, we mostly went to the local bars.  We also have a friend who moved there the week before we went so she met up with us a couple times and took us to the best pizza place open at 2 am.  It was good because we had the worst pizza in Nashville delivered to our hotel the night before.  We also encountered the worst street hotdog and the best street hotdog on this trip.  It had a lot of comparable experiences.  We also visited Belle Meade plantation (house goals), the Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Some more memorable points were that the Belle Meade plantation boasted their dairy breeding the “finest thoroughbred jerseys” in the country, which as Aggies gave us all a big laugh.  Not only is there no such thing as a fine Jersey, but thoroughbreds are horses and in no way connected to Jerseys.


Also this was not Lauren and mine’s (I’s?) first trip to the Grand Ole Opry.  We came here four years ago for NCBA where tickets were part of convention registration.  So on this trip we were wondering what we should do and we just looked into it and tickets were still available and reasonably priced so we decided to go to the show.  Well Lauren and I show up and start having major Deja Vu, and I looked up old photos from Facebook and it turns out we were sitting if not in the exact same seats (that come assigned already, we didn’t choose) then very close to the seats that we sat in four years ago!! How cool is that!  Then I kept seeing little things that tied this trip into that trip, so I thought that was really cool.



The Ryman and CMHF were just other tours we went on that were super cool, really interesting and historic and gave me goosebumps.  I recommend them as well for touristy stuff to do.  So cool seeing where all these historic things happened and imagining the greats walking in the same places.



Other cool notables from Nashville are basically all food.  I was too indisposed to get pictures of the good pizza and hotdogs (or the bad, but those didn’t even look good) but I did really enjoy the waffles we got for breakfast right across the street from the hotel, the milkshake from burger republic and the BBQ we had in St. Louis on the way through.  Full disclosure the girls I went with are Wasps so this is mostly what we ate other than the cheese, crackers and wine that we got at Kroger and just ate in the hotel room, so I will have to make a trip back with Adam some time and we can have a structured trip where we have meals and do a lot of day activities.




Also Note: St. Louis and Nashville are HOT HOT HOT in the summer.  We almost died a few times, but thank god it rained every night in Nashville so that helped cool things off a little.

After Nashville I came home and had a gross cold so I didn’t do much.  My parents drove out from California so I once again didn’t exercise and just ate a lot of food for more days straight.  I made some Dutch Babies, which are always exciting to me, since my cousin sent out 3 dozen eggs for me.  They turned out great and I always forget how much I love them!!

It was pretty nice out while my parents were here so we spent a little time outside, but also watched the Olympic whenever something interesting was on. I may have become slightly obsessed with the games, especially when they aired the Track events and I want to make more of an effort to find running events on TV whenever they are televised.   Also I may or may not have become addicted to Twitter during this time and wish I was besties with all of the athletes and am accepting suggestions for a job where I can just hang out with them all day and help them do stuff but not have to be able to run a 4 minute mile.


Then I decided to finally pull the trigger on cutting my hair.  I have been wanting to for a while and have been putting it off for months so that I had options for my friend’s wedding in September since I am a bridesmaid and it finally got to the point where it was driving me crazy.  I figured a long bob would be great and I could still put it up and have some options and it wouldn’t take 3 days to dry and strangle Adam and I in our sleep at night.  So I went in and said if I had enough to donate while still keeping enough length to get my desired results to go for it!!  Well, I should have been a little worried when I had the new girl.  I have A LOT of LONG and FINE hair and it’s always a challenge for even seasoned professionals.

After cutting off two 10 inch ponytails it was still ok and she went around and around and around probably like 5 times and just kept cutting and cutting because she was having difficulty getting it even.  So the lady that owns the place came over and told her how to make sure it was straight all the way through and how to go in layers since I had so much hair.  So new girl cuts a bit more off and then owner lady asks her how it’s going, to which she replies that she is still frustrated that it was still uneven (and honestly looked really weird).  So owner lady told her to just put down her scissors and go do something else and she would fix it when she got done with her client.  That’s when I really began to worry.  So she had to take a bit more off, and don’t get me wrong it is really cute still and I do like short hair.  I just don’t have the patience and skill to make it look cute all the time.  So I got a free haircut which I can not put up in a ponytail so I have to use my headbands that don’t stay in place for very long or get really good at braiding and pinning.

Then I went and drown my sorrows over my super short hair with a shopping trip where I got new running shoes!! I got Brooks this time and I am really excited about them.  I have done a couple easy runs and a speed run in them so far and they feel great still.


We also had to get Hemi a birthday present because we had decided to make his adoption-iversary into his birthday so to the best of our knowledge he is now 3!!!

Anyway, so that is what has been going on and I promise I will keep up better.  I have one and a half more weeks of training before the SF half and then some weddings so I will have some really fun posts coming up here in the near future!!

Weeks 3 and 4 of SF training and life update

You must forgive me, I missed a week.  In my defense it was a crazy week and I was very distracted.  But I got some good stuff done in there somewhere.  Ok so Friday afternoon on July 8th I was contentedly finishing up work and thinking about getting my 5 miles done in the slight heat and my phone rings.  It’s a guy that works with my husband and he is taking him to the ER because he broke his arm!! Yay!  So after asking if this guy was serious (he was) I rushed to the ER to helplessly watch my husband get his arm poked and prodded for like 2 hours.  Naturally at this point it was past 5 so the specialist that would need to do surgery on him was gone for the weekend.  Great.  So we went home with a crummy splint and some pain meds to wait it out until we could just go in at 8 Monday morning and hope he could fit us in.   Talk about a fun weekend!!  I did manage to get out Saturday morning and was hoping to get my scheduled 10 in, but my heart just wasn’t in it and I cut it short at 5.  I am glad I did because I got home and he told me his fingers were going numb so we needed to head back to the ER to make sure blood flow wasn’t FUBAR’d.

Luckily it was ok, they re-wrapped it and we managed to get in for surgery Monday morning almost first thing to get a plate and four screws put in.  I took a few days off, managed to run for a couple of them but mostly I was playing nurse.  It was pretty rough at first.


Week 3:

Monday: 5 miles outside.  In the morning.

Tuesday: 6 miles, they were more recovery miles than speed because I ran long on Sunday.

Wednesday: 2 miles, I think I just got a quick two in with hemi.

Thursday: 1.37 on and then 1.54 on the treadmill.  I did a pretty intense workout this day that was awesome.  15 min of HIIT running, 1 circut (aka 15 min) of BBG Arms and Abs and 15 more min of HIIT running.  I felt great after this one and I got the rest of the 5 from yesterday done.

Friday: This was D day so no miles were run.

Saturday: 5 quick morning miles before another trip to the ER.

Sunday: Rest =)



So something awesome happened this week.  In addition to me having to take time off to care for my injured husband, elite runner Alysia Montano posted a series of workouts for #roadtoburrito now that she isn’t on the #roadtorio anymore.  Basically this is a 5 week contest where she posts workouts all week and then rewards with recovery/cheat recipes all leading up to her giving out a swag bag and a dope burrito recipe. So obvs I’m in.  Swag and burritos?  Sign me up!

Week 4:

Monday: Surgery day so I skipped this one again.

Tuesday: 5 miles outside with Hemi.  Then I found out about the workouts so I started plotting for tomorrow!!

Wednesday:  Holy cow this workout almost killed me.  I did days 1 and 2 of #roadtoburrito and it was harsh.  Never sweat so much in my life!!  1 mile warm up. 30 sec high knees. 30 sec jump rope. Then 4 circuts of the following: 15 box jumps, 15 incline push ups, 15 bent leg lifts, back to treadmill for (10 sec high, 20 sec low, 20 sec high, 40 sec low, 30 sec high, 60 sec low then 60 sec of recovery before repeating 2 more times).  Then I jogged the last half a mile or so to get to 6 miles and promptly died.

Thursday: No running, did #roadtoburrito day 3. 20 each of weighted jumps, lunge jumps, weighted skiers, inchworms, superwoman’s and V-ups.  Holy sore legs.

Friday: Friday was brutal.  Granted it was hot and I was really sore still from yesterday but I needed to do a 5-4-3-2-1 ladder.  I went out and did a mile and a half and hated my life, hated running, hated Iowa and hated the sun.  I ended up finishing with a “powerwalk ladder” and went home to try to drown myself in the shower.  Super bummed but Adam did his best to cheer me up and remind me that not every day is going to be great.  How great is he?

Saturday: Rest because I could still barely move.  Thanks Alysia! lol

Sunday: 12 mile long run.  On the treadmill. It was long.  It was painful.  It was boring. But I got it done, I had doubts but I got it done.  So glad this week is over and love that I can feel myself getting stronger already.  I might do more workouts and HIIT runs with a good long run and call it good for training.

Also all the trips to the doctor in Sioux Falls gives me a preview of what I will be eating after the race and that keeps me motivated.  Five guys is a tradition of ours after my first race in Washington DC.  We stayed at a hotel that had one across the street so we ate there two or three times including for food after the race when Adam went to get it while I showered and ended up coming back and riding an elevator up with chocolate, five guys and 6 sweaty women who also ran.  One of which he swears was smelling the bag!  I love him so much for braving that for me and for all else he does to support me.  I have truly loved being his nurse these past two-ish weeks and am sad to go back to work and give up all of our together time.


Olympic Trials Thursday!!

Who else is loving the Olympic track trials?  I have been streaming them whenever they are on and I am obsessed!! I love watching races where Americans are the focus and win so these races are great because I know that’s going to happen.  I really think we have some good chances for gold in Rio!


There is also a lot of heartbreak and finality for those that don’t make it or didn’t decide to compete, but that comes with the territory.  A couple of my favorites are Emma Coburn, Sarah Brown and Kara Goucher.  I also follow a lot of other runners but those are who I was following most going into the trials and who I had decided to cheer for.  I love following those that give a small glimpse into their lives so I can kind of imagine what it is like to be an elite and form a weird reality show in my mind.  Hope that doesn’t make me creepy, but it’s a lot more interesting than a lot of other reality shows on these days.

I realize that Kara dropped out of the trials, but you know what that might be the smart thing to do for her to win some money and big races this fall for marathons since a lot of the usual competitors are not going to run because of the Olympics. It will be a whole new ball game and that could make it really interesting.  Running is just one of those things that you have to be on top of your game, in peak health and fitness and still for the day of the races everything has to go well and you have to be having a good day and then you are in competition with other people who are on that day.  It’s a tall order to have the moon and stars all lined up at exactly the right time.  Plus it’s my dream to one day be in shape enough to go to one of her Podium Retreats!


How do you even get abs like that??

As for Emma Coburn, I just love that she is this driven, blonde powerhouse. I love watching the Steeple which I just discovered not too long ago and I think I might have missed my calling in life!! If I would have known back when that steeplechase was a thing I might have attempted to be in shape and do track in High School!! I used to run around all over jumping random things all over the place.  Of course I was pretending I was a horse at the time, but I still loved running up to buckets and barrels and tree branches as fast as I could and jumping over them.  Often I would also drag my actual horse or my dog over them with me.  But the Steeple is really interesting to watch because it has the element of the jumps and the water and you can really see how those drain them toward the end.


Seriously, look at those muscles. 

But probably my favorite story this year is Sarah Brown.  I love her story and always love a good comeback.  She was an inspirational badass before she got pregnant and now she is plotting an epic comeback.  I love that she is still going after her dream and focusing on doing what she wants and having a baby.


I can’t even. #goals

Coming from someone who doesn’t want kids, I am constantly being pressured to have babies and that I MUST do it which just makes me want them less.  A huge reason being is because once women have a baby usually they disappear.  Poof.  Gone.  You go from being an individual person to being “so and so’s mommy” and that’s it.  I love that Sarah is still holding on to who she is as an individual and doing her thing AND having a baby because there is absolutely no reason why you can’t do both.  It’s stupid.  There are plenty of kids out there with helicopter parents that quit their jobs and stop having their own lives to become a parent and their kids still aren’t perfect.

I think her baby Abigail, will gain more from seeing that her parents still have goals and dreams and work hard to go after them.  She is now in a high risk situation to getting some idea/goal/vision in her head and going after it with all she’s got and not giving up.   That is way better than teaching her that she is only allowed to live her life until she has kids and from then on out her worth is only measured by how perfect she is as a parent. I digress, just ignore the haters B Team!

Good luck to not only the three athletes that I named here but all of those involved.  In the end I will cheer for whoever makes the USA team in Rio, but I always cheer harder for my favorites in any race or marathon.  As for the rest of us Plebs, enjoy one of the few years where we can watch our favorite sport on TV more than two or three times!